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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sir, excuse me...

If you look at the town website that you created and touted as interactive, you will find that the last Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Town of New Hartford was in 2014; not 2016 like you have been telling everyone.

Actually, it was the beginning of 2016, a year and a half after the adoption of the Plan, when you started buying properties in the Seneca Turnpike area, don't you remember?

I know, it's easy to get confused.  It's so difficult to find any information on that damn interactive website you created. I had to use the search option on the town's website to find the Plan; I must say, information is very well hidden.

After going through two (2) pages of document possibilities that were returned by the search engine, even though I used "comprehensive plan" as my search words, I finally found the link to the 2014 Comprehensive Plan.

I have to tell you that the search engine showed a link to the 2007 Comprehensive Plan on page 1 of the search engine, a page before the link to the 2014 Plan.  Guess I should have been more specific and included 2014, but if someone is looking, and like you, doesn't know the actual year of adoption of the latest Plan?

For your convenience, sir, here is a link to the 2014 Town of New Hartford Comprehensive Plan from your interactive town website; the document is clearly marked as "2014".

Oh, wow, now I see where a link to the Plan can be found on the town's website...

After looking at the actual link which is " Hartford FINAL Comprehenisve Plan June 2014.pdf", it's clear to see that the document is filed under Media and Comprehensive is misspelled. Makes sense now why the document is so elusive!

By the way, where would I find copies of town board meeting minutes after October 16, 2019? I don't even find them in a search of the town's website.

One might think that you are against Open Government, sir; the phrase you ran your 2017 town supervisor campaign on...

Perhaps the town's website could use some work? You think?

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