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Sunday, February 27, 2011

City of Utica Residential Assessment Information...UPDATED

All properties in the 2010 City of Utica Assessment database are now online.

Concerned Citizens recently FOILed a copy of the City of Utica 2010 Assessment database and we are making the information available in an Excel spreadsheet.

We started by sorting the information according to address. If you are familiar with sorting information contained within an Excel spreadsheet, you will be able to sort according to square feet, assessed value, etc. If you need help sorting the information, please email us and we will provide assistance.

Total assessed value, along with assessed value used to compute county, city and school taxes for each parcel is available. We also added a column for School Assessed Value after STAR. Any difference in value between these columns indicates whether or not the property is receiving a reduced assessment due to an exemption.

The following spreadsheets are available for download to your computer:
Residential - one, two, and three family. We also included the inventory [sq. ft., number of baths, bedrooms, etc.] for each residential address. Blank fields means that the database does not contain the information.
Property Class 411 - Apartments with more than 3 units
All Vacant Land - Property Class in the 300s
Commercial - Property Class higher than 411
City owned property - All property classes; these are also contained within the other files by property class. [includes schools, playgrounds, etc.]
Roll Section 8 - Wholly Exempt
Please feel free to download any or all of these spreadsheets to your computer.

For information regarding Property Class and a description of what is included in each class, the list is on the Office of Real Property website.

From another town or city and would like to see assessment information online? Email us!


Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you are doing.. this blog is great!

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Thank you!