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Monday, February 11, 2019

It is what it is!

Town of New Hartford Town Board Meeting - February 6, 2019

Unfortunately, it would appear that there are limited electrical outlets in the new town hall meeting room. I am told that it would be necessary to bring a 30-50 foot extension cord to connect the camera to an outlet and set up the camera within a reasonable distance of the board table which is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention an accident waiting to happen for someone to trip on the extension cord!

Therefore, when the town board meetings are more than ninety (90) minutes in length, it will be necessary to videotape the meetings using two separate cameras on battery power. The two cameras we own record in different formats; therefore, it is also necessary to post the two videos as separate parts of the meeting.

Due to this, you will find that there is also a minute or so of interruption in the town board discussion whilst we change to the second camera.

Sorry, but it is what it is!


Anonymous said...

You say, “It is what it is.”

I say that the discussion to rescind was clear as mud! So to this addled brain, I say the town board is what it is. It is beyond my comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Ok l am confused. What happened that changed what Miscione had told you previously?

Blogger New Hartford, NY Online said...
I spoke to Paul Miscione tonight; the land purchase will be rescinded at the next meeting on Wednesday, February 6th.

February 4, 2019 at 10:20:00 PM EST

Woodland made a motion to rescind. Good start but no one seconded the motion - not even Messa who was the only ‘no’ vote on the purchase!

I didn’t understand what Reynolds was pushing for to stop the vote to rescind.

And with the vote to suspend bonding for the purchase, is this a maneuver to bring it all back when no one is looking?

And I didn’t think Miscione gave an adequate explanation re: his negotiating as supervisor and/or part of his real estate business. And why did he say that although he abstained from voting on the purchase, that he did not HAVE to abstain?

And why is there not a cut-off date for adding items to the agenda so that it can be posted with more notice than the actual day of the meeting? Individuals and organizations should be able to plan ahead for the benefit of others.

Too many questions to call this ‘open government.’

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Yup, I spoke to Miscione about this bonding two times before the meeting and he called me after the meeting as soon as he received my nasty-gram regarding what happened at the meeting. He assured me that the purchase is off the table and the bond was rescinded. I haven't had time to watch the movie; apparently, they never rescinded the bond resolution. So he lied to me...what else is new?

That's what happens when everyone stays home and waits for "someone else" to monitor this town board. I guarantee if the residents protested by telephoning, emailing and appearing at the next town board meeting on March 6th, that resolution would be rescinded. But I guess it is just easier to sit at home and wait to view my video. Oh, well!

With an adopted town board resolution out there and the 30-day permissive referendum period almost over, they can purchase that land at any time without any further resolution needed. And the town attorney looks on and says nothing; he didn't even seem to care that the "appraisal" was a piece of crap.

Why would Reynolds push to purchase this land out in that area of town? Hmmm...maybe to build the firehouse that has been proposed since Larry Adler started trying to develop his business park? A firehouse that a town cannot own, but a village can. Hmmm.....

The agenda...that's another issue that seems to be passed around as to who is at fault. If it is any consolation, I just sent Miscione another nasty-gram on your behalf.

Sorry to be so glib, but it takes residents from the town and two villages to keep spending in check in this town. I am one person!

New Hartford, NY Online said...

A lot of the confusion at the table is because we have a town board that is not experienced in how govenment is supposed to work and obviously the town has some wrong people in key spots. What can I say? Attend meetings...ask questions.