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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Whoa, Supervisor...where did you get that idea?

According the Supervisor Miscione, appointing the Chairperson of the Planning Board is HIS appointment.

Excuse me, Supervisor, but appointing the Planning Board Chairperson is not solely YOUR appointment unless there has been a change to Town Law 271 in the past few weeks:
New York Consolidated Laws, Town Law - TWN § 271. Planning board, creation, appointment

1. Authorization.  The town board of each town is hereby authorized by local law or ordinance, to create a planning board consisting of five or seven members and shall, by resolution, appoint the members of such board and designate the chairperson thereof.
It is a town board appointment which last I knew you are merely 1 of 5 votes at the table. You pulled a fast one and tainted the process; where was the town attorney that he didn't correct your statement?

Every board member had the authority to put forth a name last night. While the vote may have been the same, no one will ever know for sure if the majority of the board voted in support of your choice because they thought that they had no other choice. Councilman Reynolds was the only person who made any sense.

Add to that the fact that you didn't even have the decency to inform Elis DeLia in advance that he is being replaced as chairperson is shameful! Good Grief! 

That, sir, was clearly your duty!

Below is the video of the Supervisor's proclamation that he has the power of appointment for the Planning Board Chairperson!

You just can’t make this stuff up!

The full board meeting video will be online shortly.

Salute! Cin! Cin!


Anonymous said...

Cathy, I am sorry that you have become disenchanted with the supervisor. I voted for him but a red flag was up for me from his first meeting. Thank you for your new daily blogs. My entertainment for the new year. Never thought I’d miss Tyk!

New Hartford, NY Online said...

It’s not a question of becoming disenchanted with the Supervisor. If you read the State Comptroller’s audit, you would realize that there was no choice but to say good-bye to Tyk (and I was told they left out some of their findings because Tyk was not re-elected). If you haven’t listened to all the videos, you probably don’t even realize some of the “gifts” that Tyk left behind for taxpayers to take care of.

Miscione was a known quantity…I already knew that he was overly-ambitious; had a propensity to make sure his friends were “taken care of”; and takes pride in being a deal-maker without first checking the law.

He started to contact me right after the Republican Primary and his “true” plans did not become apparent until just before he took office which is why I videotaped his speech before the Chamber of Commerce. I wanted it “on the record”.

My mistake was thinking that I could shadow Miscione and help him learn how government is supposed to work and I was led to believe that he wanted to make sure to do things by the book. However, the more I said the law won't allow that, the less he contacted me.

Obviously, learning to do things the right way is too time consuming for him and he chooses to “to fly by the seat of his pants”.

Town taxpayers should be very concerned; they don’t know the half of what I have stopped from happening or what has happened that I couldn’t stop. Now that I am no longer directly involved, I predict his term will end the same way that Earle Reed’s term did because he appears to have a carbon copy of Reed’s “play book” that he is using to run the town.

Every taxpayer in this town has as much “skin in the game” as I do. Sadly, so far, no one else in town apparently has the desire or nerves to speak up. I am one person; my mental health is not worth the amount of volunteer time I was putting into this town.

Anonymous, I hope when the shit hits the fan you are still as entertained by my blogs as you claim to be now. As for me, I will merely write the blog “after the fact” and get to work on my design projects while having a glass of wine and LMAO.

Salute! Cin! Cin!

Anonymous said...

Cathy, My apologies. I didn't use the word entertainment to be hurtful towards you. It was meant as my appreciating someone taking the emperor to task.
I have personally experienced over several decades what happens when you stand up to the town fathers in New Hartford. I got scorched again a few months ago when I did not deserve it and least expected it. For my own mental health, I need to recognize that the players may change with elections, but the dishonesty and deceit remain.
Regarding Tyk, I did not vote for him as I didn't expect much from him. However, I am truly annoyed with myself that I did not see the disaster would result from the new supervisor. Thank you for having the courage to do what I cannot and will not do.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

No need to apologize, I didn’t take your remarks personally.

I am more offended by someone who says “what I cannot and will not do”. We seem to have a town full of people who say that!

Sorry, if I am offending you, but I prefer to call a spade a spade! I will look forward to maybe seeing everyone in about 3 years (or less) when it is time to bitch!

Anonymous said...

Few remarks. It probably had to be done this way and maybe that's not PC but it is politics. Supervisor can nominate as can any board member, no one else did. He probably should have told board members first, at least 1 was caught unaware. Delia is now being painted as some sort of victim and that's a paradox if there ever was one. There are plenty of people that have stabbed-in-the-back-by-Delia stories and any tears shed for him are wasted. His own big mouth did him in, just ask some of the players privately. Maybe they'll tell you, or not. Why don't you ask Paul M. why? The board voted so it's over. Mowatt is certainly capable and deserves nothing but congrats and best wishes. I will not sob any tears over Delia at all. Nothing but good can come out of this. CONGRATS AND BEST WISHES MS. MOWATT.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Believe me I am crying no tears over the fact that DeLia was replaced...I can attest to the fact that he is not a victim. I've videotaped enough Planning Board meetings to know what was going on (and I privately complained to the supervisor more than once).

Ms. Mowat definitely will do a good job. This has nothing to do with the job Heather will do; I have every confidence in her.

That said, DeLia deserved the courtesy of being told before the meeting and newspaper article no matter what anyone thinks of him. The town board also deserved to know that they also could name someone if they chose to. Paul is not an island unto himself. Didn't everyone have enough of the last supervisor acting like a tyrant?

No one deserves to be treated like yesterday's trash. Adopt a local law for term limits so that one of the most important parts of town government is not controlled by any one individual for years.

Politics in this area is why there is so much negativity. Is this the kind of town you want to live in because I don't.