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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Special Meeting tonight...

5:30 p.m. at the new town discuss acquisition of property and bonding.

The town board will be voting on a $8,541,929 serial bond resolution.  The year-end 2017 Audited Financial Statements show that the town had $8,113,291 of serial bond debt.  Tonight's resolution would double the serial bond debt of the town.

Obviously, Miscione is very confident that the town board will approve the debt since he has already listed the pending sale of the bonds on Fiscal Advisors:

Click here for a pdf copy

Some of this bonding is to convert outstanding bond anticipation notes for highway equipment, office equipment; paving; the Grange Hill project; and the purchase of Gander to serial bonds.  Tonight's meeting should disclose if there are any additional items added in these serial bonds.

On another note, today's paper had a legal notice for a Public Hearing to supersede the Whitehall Doctrine even though the Attorney General and several court cases have consistently held that the compatibility issue cannot be overcome where one office is subordinate to another. The town attorney's reasons for using local law by showing that it is in the public interest are bogus and are not sufficient to overcome state law.

Everyone is this town should be asking why is Miscione so insistent on being the Parks Director...insistent enough to violate the law? As a town board member, Miscione has oversight of all employees to include a Parks Director. Why is he trying to cut out the middleman? And, why is the town attorney misinterpreting the law on behalf of the town supervisor?

Let me ask again...what does Oneida County; the New Hartford Town Board; pro bono design work at the Recreation Center and superseding the Whitehall Doctrine have in common?

The Public Hearing for the Whitehall Doctrine will be held on February 6, 2018 at 6 p.m. in the town hall.

Miscione has big plans for this town and it ain't gonna be cheap and apparently it ain't all gonna be done legally!



Anonymous said...

What do they have in common?

Anonymous said...

While I was in attendance, I am looking forward to watching the video when it's uploaded. The board immediately went into executive session regarding acquisition of property. When it came time to vote - Miscione had to abstain as he was involved in the deal. I'm concerned about a conflict of interest.

Thank you for publishing information on the meeting, as the town website only provided information on the day-of.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Town Supervisor, Parks Director, and Real Estate Broker for the town. And all for supervisor’s salary? What a guy!! Wonder what surprise he has next in store for us lucky tax payers.
And if he is basically a one-man show, why do we need the rest of the board? Maybe next Paul as ‘Town Manager’ and then we will not need a board.