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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Purchase of land next to the new town hall...

in the Town of New Hartford.

At the January 24, 2019, the town board discussed the purchase of land from Larry Adler next to the new town hall. The bond resolution is for $350,000 plus there were 2 considerations given to Larry Adler to adjust the price upward.

Below is the video of that portion of the meeting. It is important that taxpayers understand the "real" cost of the land; not just the bonded cost.

The entire meeting will be online by tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

The town ‘NEEDED’ to buy Gander Mountain - huge building with huge parking lot. The building isn’t even finished yet and now we are talking about future additions to the huge building!

And, the same town supervisor who is also our ‘volunteer’ Parks Director’ now cannot negotiate with Adler as part of his Superman role of supervisor. The negotiating was done by him as part of his real estate business? Why? Did the board officially hire his real estate business to do the negotiating? And what is their financial interest? There must be something or else Miscione would have handled this in his role as supervisor.

There is a very frightening scenario of megalomania here. And only one ‘no’ vote?

And where is the OD in giving coverage to this? Certainly lots of articles with photos of the supervisor at the new palace!

New Hartford, NY Online said...

It is my understanding that there will be board discussion regarding the rest of the proposed bonding and also a resolution will be introduced to rescind the land purchase at the February 6th town board meeting, 6 p.m. in the new town hall. For now, everyone should ignore the bonding resolution for the land which will still appear in the OD because it is too late to pull the notice.

Anonymous said...

What chance is there for passing a resolution to rescind when Miscione would have voted ‘yes’ if he hadn’t needed to abstain, Messa was the only ‘no’ vote [is he up for re-election this year?] - and three votes to purchase?

Did someone suddenly realize that the senior citizens of the town won’t want to empty their retirement piggy banks for someone’s delusions of grandeur?

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Oh ye of little faith! Please know that discussions take place with Supervisor Miscione on behalf of ALL taxpayers. Not saying the land purchase won't be brought back to the table at some point down the road, but for now it is my understanding that the resolution is going to be rescinded.

If you chose, you could attend the Feb. 6 town board meeting to voice an opinion should the board not rescind the resolution or you could go out in this weather and start collecting signatures to force a mandatory referendum just in case the town board doesn't rescind the resolution.

And no, Messa is not up for re-election this year. He merely voted "nay" because he was not comfortable with the board's decision to purchase the land.

The only restrictions on a town board when buying property is majority rule and the resolution must include a 30-day permissive referendum provision.

Sometimes, you just have to have faith...

Anonymous said...

Why cant some provide a microphone available that would amplify the voices. It it very hard to hear any of these meetings. You would think this would be in place as well when the public can speak for all to hear

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Supposedly, at some point there will be microphones on the board table or so we are told.

The problem with the sound is that the meetings are now being held in a very large, basically empty room with high ceilings. Providing a microphone on the board table might help; but that is up to the town board to provide.

For the time being, the best way to view the videos is on a computer; not a portable device.