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Monday, December 31, 2018

My 2019 New Year's Resolutions...

I don't usually even bother with resolutions because it seems silly and most people who write down their "resolutions" forget about them by the end of January.

However, as my upcoming birthday in 2019 launches me into a new decade of my life, I felt resolutions are perhaps warranted this year. So here it goes:

Resolution #1:

I will no longer try to stop bad things from happening in town government.

It has been a stressful year trying to keep my promise that I made to Miscione to "speak up if I thought anything wasn't right". I spent hours researching the answers to questions Miscione posed to me, then writing and sending him oodles of documentation. I made the choice to stay quiet on the blog to give Miscione a chance to learn the ropes.

However, I have found out that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink. Once they have tasted the "kool-aid", the water apparently doesn't taste as good.

So, this year, I will be reactive instead of proactive I am not even going to attend every meeting; instead the meetings will be videotaped by someone else. I'll now blog after the fact; lord knows there is plenty to blog about in this town! Once I write my blog, I will sit back; have a glass of wine; and LMAO at the whole mess. Laughing is good for the soul!

Resolution #2:

I will put my business first. I always used to set a goal for myself of a minimum of six (6) new pattern designs per year. Lately, I have let that slip; it is difficult to be creative when you are under stress. Resolution #1 will free me to be more creative in 2019.

Resolution #3:

I will allow myself to tell self-serving people "NO". You know the kind...the ones that don't know you exist until they need something and yet are never around when you need help.

NO is a powerful word when used appropriately. I will try to use the word somewhat gingerly, but I will no longer stress over saying NO to "that kind" of person.
And there you have 2019 resolutions!

As for tonight, I am going to eat, drink and be merry. In a couple of days, after I get done laughing over today's Observer Dispatch article, I will continue writing about the clusterf#ck in the Parks.

If you are going to be out tonight, remember to drink responsibly and above all, don't drink and drive.

And remember...everything is okay, for the best is yet to come! Happy New Year 2019!

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