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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I just love numbers...they usually always tell a story!

Just a quick add-on to my last blog...

Last night or should I say, in the wee hours of the morning, I based my numbers in my last blog on the Summary Pages of the two (2) different 2019 Preliminary Budgets that were available to attendees at each of the two Public Hearings for the 2019 Preliminary Budget.

It appears that the total appropriations on the 2019 Preliminary Budget summary page given out at the October 24, 2018 Public Hearing of $14,511,233 was different than the total appropriations on the summary sheet given out for the 2019 Preliminary Budget at last night's Public Hearing which was noticed in the Observer Dispatch legals as a continuation of the October 24, 2018 Public Hearing.

Last night's summary sheet total was $14,559,207 (see attached). Apparently, additional expenses were included in last night's 2019 Preliminary Budget; although I don't know how you can hold a continuation of a Public Hearing on a budget that is different than the one given out to the public during the first public hearing when no changes were made on October 24th.

Anyway, in reading today's Observer Dispatch, I notice that they are reporting that the adopted budget totals $14,610,033. That is $50,826 higher than the total on the summary sheet that was available and supposedly adopted at last night's Public Hearing pending a decision on whether or not to tax the residents in the Village of New York Mills portion of the town for police services. The next town board meeting has been changed to Monday, November 19th so they can discuss the NYM/police issue prior to the November 20th deadline for completed town budgets. No word yet if this will be another continuation of the previous two (2) Public Hearings for further discussion on that matter or if this is just a regular town board meeting.

I didn't hear any changes being made during the public hearing or town board meeting last night other than some confusion as to what and who is being taxed an additional 2% for fire protection in 2019 (that's another story for another day), although I must say town board meetings these days are sometimes hard to follow.

However, I did notice that the Observer Dispatch reporter was talking to some members of the town board after the meeting; did he write down the wrong total appropriations number or was he given the wrong number by the town supervisor? Or were there further changes that were not made available to the public last night and will magically appear in the 2019 Adopted Budget?

I am so confused frustrated and disgusted at this point! I think I will just go make myself a nice hot cup of chamomile tea with just a little honey and then go "play" in my studio for a while!

Hmmm, what possibly could be the story being told by the inconsistent numbers in the Town of New Hartford 2019 Budget?

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