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Friday, April 6, 2018

Ever notice how...the more things change, the more they stay the same?

Take for instance a 1988 Editorial column from the Observer Dispatch containing an opinion on two (2) topics of interest in 1988. Both opinions could have been written sometime this week.

The first opinion is titled "High Time state legislators did some real legislating" and involves behind closed door meetings as decisions are made by the big 3 to include Cuomo (Mario) as "rank and file senators and Assembly members are mostly spectators" in reference to a "mini-session" to deal with 100 bills over a 48-hour span of time.

The second opinion deals guessed it! Sauquoit Creek flooding. According to the Editorial, "Many floods already have occurred, the most serious in 1981 when ice jams forced hundreds of Whitesboro residents from their home."

The Editorial ends with "Development can't be allowed to threaten the Sauquoit basin, however. Certainly the affected communities should act to keep expansion in check. But the Sauquoit Creek work is needed to insure the area's future."

So...thirty years are things working for everyone?

The exact month or day in 1988 is not readable, but we can probably guess it is sometime at the end of March judging by the details in the article.

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