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Friday, August 11, 2017

Say What, Tyk?

At the July 12, 2017 town board meeting, Tyksinski led the town board down a dark road and left the residents affected by flooding in the Grange Hill Road area under water!

Tyksinski talked the board into rejecting the one legitimate bid for the project; convinced them there was no time to re-bid the project and presented his "Plan" for how the work could be completed.

Councilman Richard Woodland asked Tyksinski why Spinella did not bid for the work; Tyksinski replied he didn't know about the bidding until it was too late to submit a bid.

Councilman Reynolds interjected...Twice?

Tyksinski replied, "Twice, what?" Councilman Reynolds said, "Twice he had the opportunity to bid it and he didn't?" Tyksinski shrugged his shoulders.

Finally, the board caved in to Tyksinski's bully tactics used to convince them to hire Spinella by "piggy-backing" off the county list; the "plan" was adopted.

Problem is, as reported in the Observer Dispatch, the town cannot "piggy-back" off the county for the job.

Here is the snippet of the town board interaction on July 12, 2017 with Tyksinski saying Spinella didn't know about the bid until it was too late:

Truth is, Mr. Spinella did pick up a bid packet on July 3, 2017; a week before the bid opening on July 10, 2017 and the same day as the one legitimate bidder picked up his bid packet! Spinella had more than enough time to submit his bid; but he didn't.

Instead, according to the Observer Dispatch article, Spinella supposedly sent an email to Tyksinski and behind the scenes a plan was developed to reject the one bid and sign a contract for Mr. Spinella to do the work.

They have a name for that where I grew up...

The town board was duped by the two people they should have been able to trust and the Grange Hill Project is now on hold until who knows when!

When the town attorney and town supervisor sit at the head of the table and give assurances to town councilmen that what the councilmen are being asked to adopt is legal, the councilmen have little choice but to accept their recommendation. If the councilmen can't trust the two most experienced people at the board table to give them sound advice, who can they trust? This is not the first time that town board members have been given misinformation in order to sway a vote the way Tyksinski wants it to go.

Below is the entire video of the Grange Hill Road project bid. I have already posted it once; if you haven't viewed it yet, I urge you should to take the time to listen to how Tyksinski pushes the board to do his bidding even if it is not in keeping with law.

Perhaps they do not realize that I have been attending board meetings for many years. I know that the town clerk requires all contractors who pick up bid packets to fill out a form so she can keep track of who has picked up a bid vs. who submits one. It took a simple FOIL request to get the information I needed.  Who picked up a bid packet?

If you are a Republican voter in the Town of New Hartford, I would advise that you make sure to vote at the September 12, 2017 Republican Primary and send a message to Tyksinski.

Change is needed at the head of the table! Get out and vote!


Anonymous said...

I once asked a person about 2 people and which of them was worse. This was his answer:

Put both of them in a duffel bag and roll it down the hill. Hit the bag with a 2x4 as it rolls.

You hit the right one every time.

Now let's put Tyksinski and Cully in the same duffel bag on this Primary Day. 12 September 2017.

Oxfordtowne13 said...

When does all of this reach the level of criminal behavior? Town Supervisor and Town Attorney deceiving the Town Board and the taxpayers of the town - especially the victims of the flooding who will now have to wait even longer for 'the Plan.'