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Sunday, July 23, 2017

If it Walks like a Duck...

Yep, the work on Grange Hill needs to be done...has needed to be done for many, many years.

In fact, since at least 2013, the New Hartford Town Board has been discussing the work that needs to be done; its gone from talking about some; you get the picture -- we have seen and heard it all ad nauseam!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the people in the Oneida Street area of Chadwicks are suffering loss of personal property after every storm.

On June 30, 2017, the "new and improved design" went back out to bid with a bid opening date of July 10, 2017; two days before the July town board meeting. The bid opening discussion was held after the departure of most of the people who were furious with the town's lack of stormwater fixes that caused yet another major loss of property on July 1, 2017.

Tyksinski started the discussion by stating that this time he believed there was only one (1) bid received in the amount of $651,063.10., but he already had a "plan" that he discussed with Councilman Messa prior to the meeting.

Now, for the Tyksinski Plan B...

Tyksinski told the board that he had been in talks with Mr. Spinella who agreed to do the first part of the job for no more than $350,000. The town attorney assured the town councilmen that they could legally "piggy-back" on the county bids for Construction Materials, Groups 6, 7, 8 & 11.

Oneida County has their bids online; for the May 2017 through April 2018 timeframe, there was only one (1) bid for Construction Materials, which Attorney Cully stated was the bids he was relying on. The contract, identified by Attorney Cully as being the one Mr. Spinella was supposedly listed on, was for crushed stone, bituminous concrete, abrasives, rental of Equipment and Production Cold Milling.

I just have to ask a couple questions about Plan B:
(1) Wasn't Mr. Spinella involved in the $700,000 projects that were never bid out in 2015 & 2016 and were noted as a finding in the 2016 DRAFT Financial Statements?

(2) How was Mr. Spinella able to submit a quote to Supervisor Tyksinski if he didn't already have the bid package to know what he was quoting on?

Actually, I spoke to the town clerk the day after the town board meeting. She advised me that four (4) contractors picked up a bid spec package, and that Mr. Spinella was actually one of the contractors who picked up a packet for the Grange Hill Project. She also stated that Mr. Spinella didn't bother to submit a bid for the public bid opening on July 10th.

Sounds fishy because on the tape you will hear Supervisor Tyksinski say that Mr. Spinella was not aware of the call for bids. Also sounds fishy that Mr. Spinella wouldn't submit a bid when he claims to be able to do the job for almost half of the cost of the contractor who submitted a bid. He must know that $350,000 is going to be a low bid. Perhaps Mr. Spinella didn't want to sign a non-collusion statement that is required for a bid to be complete.

(3) Who was going to sign the "contract" with Mr. Spinella after Attorney Cully drafted it? There was no contract presented to the board for approval the night of the meeting. Attorney Cully said he would draw up a contract after the meeting. Tyksinski can't sign any contract without board approval PRIOR to the work being done.

(4) Who will be signing the payment vouchers? The highway superintendent; the town supervisor; Councilman Messa; or the town supervisor's secretary? Or should we say, who was going to be bullied into signing, Supervisor?
The day after the town board meeting, I FOILed the papers that Attorney Cully was referring to at the meeting. My FOIL request was supposed to be answered by last Friday, but Attorney Cully seems to be delaying a response to my FOIL request. I can't imagine why!

If you haven't read the Observer Dispatch article, Was New Hartford Board Vote Legal, written by Greg Mason, I suggest you do for insight as to how this town supervisor operates. Watch Tyksinski's demeanor in the video. He has b/s written all over his face! The audacity of pulling these stunts when they are being videotaped!

The video below pretty much tells the story. One thing I want to point out is that Attorney Cully obviously knew he was on shaky ground, because when it came time to adopt a resolution, Attorney Cully wanted to make sure that the phrase emergency situation was included in the verbiage of the "official" board minutes. Listen to his b/s resolution!

Emergency? LOL...a four-year emergency just looking for the right bidder to come along! ROFLMAO!

Connect the dots, my's a FU DUCK, all right!


Anonymous said...

Figures. The Town is run by a QUACK.

Austinwalker said...

Left out of the long conversation is any mention that the Grange Hill retention ponds project will only rectify (maybe) the flooding that occurs at the intersection of Oneida Street and Grange Hill Road. Flooding there, when compared to what happened further north when the "Glen" outflow went on a rampage July 1st,was of a much lesser magnitude.The three "mill ponds" that overflowed causing the horrific flow of water into Oneida Street receive water from a system of creeks, all flowing east from the western hills of Snowden Hill Road and Neals Gulf Road. Just look at the large wash-outs that occurred up on Neals Gulf Road and imagine the amount of water that was going into the mill ponds, then down into Chadwicks.Oneida Street sits at the outlet of a natural funnel that drains the hills to the west. The residents of Chadwicks should not be under the illusion that when the retention ponds are constructed at the south side of upper Grange Hill, their problems will be over.The mill ponds are on private property, so what can be done there? Can they be converted to retention ponds? The Town Board is in dire need of someone with an engineering background to explain why these problems have taken on a resemblance to the movie Groundhog Day.

Anonymous said...

Totally correct. There is no town engineer. Maybe a corp of engineers study would be a good start. How does someone do the job for half price? Either left a lot of money out of the job for further expenses or only doing half the job. Proper bids do not come that far apart. I don't care what your bidding or pricing.

Anonymous said...

It's called corruption.

Get him out of office. A new broom sweeps clean.