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Friday, June 23, 2017

You're losing Credibility, Supervisor!

On May 30, 2017, at my FOIL appeal Special Town Board meeting, Supervisor Tyksinski convinced Councilman Reynolds to vote "nay" for the release of the "DRAFT" audit based on the fact that Tyksinski convinced him that the final audit would be ready in "one week...two two tops".

By my calculation, it has now been almost four (4) weeks since my FOIL appeal for the "DRAFT" audit and apparently the supervisor is still are not making the final version of the 2016 audit available to town residents, or for that matter, to the town board.

At the June 14 town board meeting, Tyksinski thought it would be ready "soon" and stated there are some additions and deletions to the "DRAFT" audit.

So...on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, I sent a FOIL request to the town clerk for a copy of the Final 2016 Audit, the Management Letter, Management's Response to the audit and the Engagement letter. I was told that the town clerk would get back to me no later than Friday, June 23, 2017; that's today.

This afternoon, the town clerk called and stated that nothing contained in my FOIL request has been made available to her in response to her email to the supervisor. My FOIL request asked for certification if the documents are not available; I will follow up with the town clerk next week to either obtain the documents or Tyksinski's signature certifying that the 2016 financial information is not available.

Why would it be that almost a month after leading Councilman Reynolds to believe that the final audit was just about ready, Tyksinski is still avoiding it's release? What is it that D'Arcangelo's audit reveals that the supervisor doesn't want to disclose? It must be pretty damaging!

More disturbing is the fact that it does not appear that town councilmen have a copy or are even involved in the discussions with D'Arcangelo. Half of 2017 has passed and the town council has no idea of where the town was financially at the close of 2016. The town board is "flying blind" while the only ones who know what is going on are Tyksinski and Dreimiller, both CPAs. The fact that Tyksinski is trying to withhold financial data should be troubling to all town residents!

What are you hiding supervisor and how long do you think you can keep it hidden? I suspect that the State Comptroller's report is not far behind; one can only imagine what tidbits of information will be contained in that document.

Guess it is a safe bet that open government will not be one of the "talking points" in Supervisor Tyksinski's re-election campaign!


Anonymous said...

How is it possible for anyone to be running for Town Board or Town Supervisor without a clear knowledge and understanding of the current Town financial situation?

Residents of the town should not be asked to sign nominating petitions without a clear understanding of the town's fiscal status and the position of the person running for office.

Vladimir P. said...

Residents usually will sign any political petition placed in front of them to get rid of the person at the door. Very few, maybe a handful will refuse to sign to get somebody on the ballot.

How they vote is another story. If they think everything is running smooth, they go with the flow.

If they think something is wrong, they vote against the problem. Sadly, most voters are so apathetic they don't know what is really going on... Or who is good on the board and who is bad. Whomever is better at getting their message across has the edge.

It's show and tell time, folks. Look for some really surprising stories this summer and fall. Like a famous NH resident used to say about a certain Supervisor, "half truths and whole lies."

But wait! There's more!

Anonymous said...

If stories are credible and not just accusations, voters will get it right. Anyone remember the Library vote?

Thanks to this blog.