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Monday, June 26, 2017

News Flash!

I received an email from the town clerk today regarding my FOIL request of last week:
Dear Cathy:

Attached is the Engagement Letter for the 2016 Audit. I have been informed that, as of today, the FINAL financial statement(s) have not been received.

Gail Wolanin Young

Wow...2016 financials still haven't been received...the "DRAFT" was dated April 21, 2017 and the final statements still haven't been received? Why not?

D'Arcangelo has been auditing the Town of New Hartford since they are not the new kids on the block. Certainly, they must have a pretty good understanding of the town records; I can't imagine a delay on their part.

Actually, it is quite obvious at this point that there is a problem with the town's financial statements and it is beginning to look like a BIG problem. What more could be wrong than the two (2) findings that I have already blogged about?

Tyksinski, being such an experienced town official and CPA as he claims to be, should have had all the kinks worked out by now...unless, of course, his record keeping technique is the source of the problem!

Gosh, I wonder if this has anything to do with the upcoming state comptroller's report.


Anonymous said...

What does Councilman Reynolds say to this? He sided with Tyksinski based on the report being ready the following week.

Puzzled said...


Why can't we find code requirements for the town of new hartford online for exterior property maintenance, specifically the length of grass on property. It is in the Fire and Code Property Maintenance Code of NYS. Is this used by the town to address these kind of issues? I used the new hartford online link and put in the search bar grass length and get nothing relating to that. Please help!

Thank you.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Uncut grass is considered an environmental nuisance.

"Vegetation on private or governmental property that is abandoned, neglected, disregarded or not cut, mown, or otherwise removed and that has attained a height of 10 inches or more..."

Here is a link to the particular town code...,property#6186236

Salt N Peppa said...

According to that, the town codes officer is in violation of the mowing ordinance. Drive by his house on either road (Mallory or Mohawk) and you will plainly see vegetation that is obviously taller than 10". Tall grass at the road, most of it taller than a mature hayfield.

Now who is going to write him a ticket?

For anybody cited with tall grass in NH, tell him you're mowing your lawn exactly like he is. Do a few loops around your house and then enjoy your hayfield, just like 'Ol Joe does.

Anonymous said...

The very impersonable Mr. Booth has always been a "do as i say, not as i do" kind of guy. This should surprise no one.