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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Apparently, it takes a town attorney.... write a certification that the pdf document I was sent by the town clerk in answer to my FOIL request and appeal is a true and correct copy of the "DRAFT" 2016 Financial Statements.

I know my rights, supervisor; it's my right to request a certification under the FOI Law! That way, we all know what we are looking at, but apparently YOU, Supervisor Tyksinski, don't want anyone to know anything!

The document in question was sent to me a week ago which seems to be enough time to sign a piece of paper with a standard certification statement that the town clerk always provides without input from the town attorney.

However, when I called the town clerk this afternoon to ask about my certification request, I was told that the town attorney re-wrote her certification letter; removed the name of the document and added his own wording. Lord only knows what other language was added and how much we paid the town attorney per word to write some mumbo jumbo b/s in an effort to cover the supervisor's a$$!

Supervisor, I just don't understand why signing your name to a certification stating that I was sent a true and correct "draft" 2016 Financial Statement is such a difficult task, unless you are trying to cover your tushie against what is coming at you down the road when the state comptroller's report is made public.

At any rate, my friends, if I don't have the certification by Friday, June 8th, in a format that complies with the NYS Freedom of Information Law, I will start detailing on this blog the information that is contained in the document I do have and it isn't pretty folks!

Come on...realistically, does any one in town believe that the town supervisor would be going to such lengths if all was well? What does it say that the town attorney needs to write a standard certification letter stating that I have been given a true and correct copy of the "draft" 2016 Financial Statements prepared by D'Arcangelo & Co., LLP, Certified Public Accountants & Consultants? Seriously?

I hear that Tyksinski is the New Hartford Republican Committee's choice to support this Fall for town supervisor for the next four (4) years!

Stay tuned! This can only get better...or worse! Hahahahaha!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what Cully writes as a certification. Please post it when you get it.