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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Open Government v. Yellow Book

My, oh my! Last night was so good, I just have to open my blog up for all to see!

Every taxpayer and voter in the Town of New Hartford needs to see Tyksinski at his finest! He is the Republican candidate hoping to rule run this town for another four (4) years by winning in the November election. (That's if he wins the Republican Primary!)

Supervisor Tyksinski and Attorney Cully tried to use the "Yellow Book" as a reason why a draft of the 2016 financials prepared by D'Arcangelo could not be disclosed.

What is the Yellow Book, you might ask?

"The Yellow Book includes audit standards and guidance for both financial and performance audits." According to previous audits, D'Arcangelo performs a financial audit so, according to my contacts, not everything in the "Yellow Book" applies and it sure doesn't replace state law.

However, I guess Supervisor Tyksinski and Attorney Cully thought the "Yellow Book" would be enough to intimidate convince the councilmen to not release the audit.

Sounds good on the surface as long as you are wearing hip boots as the b/s is flowing, but apparently the "bully" tactics no longer work; the majority of the board was not convinced that a guidance book would trump state law!

Last night, three members of the town board; Councilmen Miscione, Councilmen Messa and Councilman Woodland voted to release the draft audit to me. Thank you, gentlemen for standing up for the residents of the Town of New Hartford, N.Y.!

Two voted nay...that would be Councilman Reynolds and Supervisor Tyksinski. However, three (3) yeahs and (2) nays means that the majority of the town board wants the audit to be released so that taxpayers can see what the Supervisor appears to be going to great lengths to hide. Doesn't mean that I will get it...I fully expect that Tyksinski will invent another "rule" to prevent giving it to me, but maybe he will surprise me and cave to the wishes of the majority of the town board.

There is so much I can write about last night's how Tyksinski said I could not speak because this was a "special" meeting of the town board. I even wrote to the town clerk prior to the meeting stating that I would be addressing the board during the public presentations. That was the previous rule set by Emperor Tyksinski for public presentations, but I guess the rules changed since last board meeting. I have searchable town board minutes going back to the 1990s...Supervisor, you have let some people speak at "special" meetings so I guess it is a matter of who is asking and what they have to say!

Anyway, I did get to speak toward the end thanks to Councilman Messa and the other board members. Along with reciting parts of the Freedom of Information Law, I also pointed out that Town Law 123 requires that an audit by a CPA be completed within 60 days of the end of the fiscal year which is December 31 in towns. That would mean that the town board, who is by town law the body that oversees the town audit, is in non-compliance with Town Law 123 at this point since it is now about 150 days beyond the end of the fiscal year.

You will hear my prepared statement toward the end of the video or you can download a pdf copy.

I'll share highlights of the meeting as time permits...there are just so many "remarkable" moments that I am glad I caught on video; a wonderful insight into the mindset of a person who wants to continue ruling leading our town for another four years! You just cannot make this stuff up!

Here is the video of last night's "special" board meeting. There was a problem with my camera; I missed about 20 seconds of video. However, there is more than enough video that anyone can easily figure out that Attorney Cully had his marching orders from Supervisor Tyksinski, but he failed to convince the town board that his argument was valid because it wasn't!


Festus said...

Where did you move the posts that were up when it was invite only? Even though they were pretty ... um, descriptive, are you ever going to put them back up again?

Just wondering, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe I heard what I heard. At least Missicone hit it right. What is going to change?If they have not read the draft and already made the corrections whats left to do? If find it hard to believe that all of them voted for the bond resolution with out knowing even what the financial condition the town really is. It is time for the town residents to stand and get some answers. Why does Tysinski sound so sleazy all the time. As for Cully, for him to be quoting as factual statements of opinion and not know town law is a sham in itself.

New Hartford, NY Online said...


While I value all my readers, there are some blogs that I will only share with people who identify themselves. I thank you for being someone who is willing to be a known person reading the blog.

Pat and Herb said...

Welcome back. We missed you.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back but I am disappointed in hearing that you had hidden posts. I thought you were all about transparency.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Anonymous said...
Glad you are back but I am disappointed in hearing that you had hidden posts. I thought you were all about transparency.

Really? You have signed your comment as "Anonymous".

I put my name out there and I take the time to videotape every town board, planning board and zoning board meeting. I am not a paid employee of the town so no taxpayer dollars are involved. No one sends me money for all the computer & software upgrades I have to do when I run out of storage space or require additional software. Two rooms in my home are dedicated to what I do for this town. Anyone who wants to know who I am can see me at any of the above town meetings...I sit in the third room in the front of the room behind the camera that's on a tripod.

Obviously, you chose to not send me a message and ask for an invitation. You are disappointed that you cannot read all my posts?

Anonymous, don't even go there! It's people like you who want the scoop, but don't have time to be bothered to attend meetings and don't want anyone to know who they are that make me ask myself why I do this when I could be spending my time enjoying life!

If just 15-20 people attended every meeting, things in this town would change drastically. Actually, my friend, I am disappointed in the taxpayers who wait for someone else to do it. I don't believe anyone in this town who signs in as Anonymous has the right to be disappointed in this blog or me.

Anonymous said...


This was meant as a question more than a criticism. Why? Because this is the first time you have done anything like that in all the years you have been running the blog. You did it with no announcement and there was no link to ask for access. It's obvious you are not telling the whole story.

But you know what, New Hartford is beyond saving, nothing will change. It doesn't matter whether your blog is open to all or only to a select few.

And yes, I remain anonymous because this is a vindictive and small minded town.

New Hartford, NY Online said...


Sorry,, but saying you are disappointed and you thought I was for transparency does not seem to be in the form of a question.

For you to question MY transparency, particularly in a post where the town supervisor and town attorney are videotaped trying to keep the town financials out of the public view, is irritating to say the least.

Where are all the taxpayers in this town? Please introduce yourselves to me when you get the news of where this town is heading and you march on town hall to complain.

I didn't give up my rights to privacy when I started this blog and I sure as Hell don't owe anything any explanations or warning of how I choose to run it.

As I have already said, there is power in numbers. Watch some of the videos where a lot of people have shown up for things that affect them personally. Tyksinski is a bully and as such he gets nervous in a crowd of passionate people.

Do not be disappointed in me because you choose to sit by rather than stand up for what you believe in. Just like the good witch in the Wizard of Oz told Dorothy..."You have always had the power, my dear."

Mutiny on the Bounty said...

My goodness gracious. Is that a Rolex Submariner on his wrist in the video icon? Or just another run of the mill Seiko World Time watch?