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Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Hartford Rec Center has been "6 f 'd"...

...or, in other words, a sale or lease will happen "when pigs fly"!

I am told that WKTV reported last night that Supervisor Tyksinski is still looking into the possibility of selling the New Hartford Recreation Center.

As already reported on this blog, Federal matching dollars were used to build the recreation center requiring a conversion process to sell, lease or discontinue municipal parkland.

Originally, the plan was to build a recreation center at a cost of about $800,000, but not enough public money could be raised so the town opted for a smaller building at a cost of $587,000 in order to take advantage of the matching Federal grant. The recreation center opened in 1980.

In 1984, the town board with John Kazanjian as town supervisor, once again applied for and received a Federal matching grant; this time the grant was used to expand the recreation center to add new locker rooms, spectator seating, rehabilitation of restrooms and relocation of concession stands.

It is my understanding that state grant monies have also been used over the years requiring an "alienation" process, but more restrictive is the use of Federal funds requiring the "conversion" process.

According to the booklet, "Handbook on the Alienation and Conversion of Municipal Parkland in New York":
The substitution of replacement parkland is always required in a conversion. This is one area where conversions differ from alienations: in every conversion, substitute lands must be provided. The substitute or “swap” property must be at least equal to the lands being converted. “Equality” is based upon the specific standards below:

 The fair market value of the lands proposed for substitution must be of equal or greater value than the lands being converted.

 The recreational usefulness of the lands proposed for substitution must be reasonably equivalent to the lands being converted.

 The location of the lands proposed for substitution must be comparable to the lands being converted.
So, basically, the town could sell or lease the current recreation center, but it would require a detailed plan to include "substitute lands be provided that are of at least equal fair market value, and that these lands offer reasonably equivalent recreational opportunities".

Well, given the financial condition of the town, that ain't about to happen any time soon! What would an $800,000 building built in the 1980's cost today?

The picture above is an artistic rendering of how a flying pig might appear to the naked eye and is for informational purposes only!

If you happen to see a flock of flying pigs anywhere in the Town of New Hartford, please call Supervisor Tyksinski immediately at 315-733-7500 ext. 2332!

Oh, and what is the reference to "6 f'd" in the title of this blog you might ask?

Literally, it refers to the mapping of a "park" when Federal funds are used.

Figuratively, I'll leave that one up to each individual reader. ROFLMAO!

Reassessment is is a matter of time! Will it be before the November election...Tyksinski has already started fundraising for another term...or will it be after election?


Porcus Alopecia said...

I notice 3 flying pigs in that simulated picture (or is it real) . . .

Are you using a metaphor for the 3 people that sit at the end of the table at town board meetings? Local legend has it that they are called the father, son and holy ghost.

Well it's holy something!

Pat has been a 'get rid of' Supervisor if there ever was one. Get rid of the dispatch center, try to get rid of the library (the financial diet he has put it on will probably do the job) and now he wants to get rid of the rec center.

Then it will be time to start on the rest of the park system.

PD, take note. You're not mandated in town law like the highway dept is! Get out the leather punch, you might be taking in that belt sooner than you know! Just ask Rick Sherman, whose belt has 10,000 holes in it already!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Macy's and J C Penney pull out of Sangertown and Pyramid demands a tax reduction(both stores are hanging by a thread). Town and school taxes will finish us all.