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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Become a city or face a Reassessment!

So sayeth the Town of New Hartford Supervisor, Pat Tyksinski!!

At the last town board meeting on July 13th, Supervisor Tyksinski told the town board that there are only two (2) options…become a city or do a reassessment of the town.

According to Tyksinski we could literally eliminate town taxes. Really? Is that because they will be substituted by city taxes instead, Pat?

I have done a lot of research on becoming a city. According to what i found, there has not been a single case of a municipality becoming a city in NYS since 1942 although I did find two (2) municipalities on record as having looked into it after receiving a grant to study the facts for about two (2) years. In the end, neither municipality followed through in becoming a city even though in both instances, the residents were initially in favor of the idea.

However, Tyksinski espoused how glorious it would be to become a city lasted Wednesday evening…the b/s just kept flowing out of his mouth like rain coming down a mountainside. He even admitted that the prospect of New Hartford becoming a city has been looked at many times over the years, but nothing has ever come of it. Maybe there is a very good reason, Pat! Maybe it is not a workable solution!

Tyksinski said that he is going to talk to the mayors of the two villages, New Hartford & New York Mills. He better also plan on talking to the school too because from what I have read, they will also be adversely affected.

Supposedly, the town board is to come up with questions for the next board meeting because that is when the plans will be more extensively discussed. That meeting should be interesting!

So, will the town supervisor openly discuss his plans or will it be another “behind closed doors” scenario like the updated town comprehensive plan that never ceases to “raise its ugly head” every time a resident wants to do something on their property that our “fearless leader” is not in favor of?

This whole scenario would be laughable if the financial problems the town is facing didn’t look so serious.

Considering that two (2) CPAs are monitoring the books, I am puzzled at information I find on some of the financial documents I have recently FOILed.

Then there's the $150,000 shortfall in the General Wholetown 2016 budget due to including revenue from park fees that didn't become a reality. Tyksinski handed the town board a list of budget lines to be cut to make up the difference with most of the cuts coming from Highway.

The town board asked to be given a month to talk to department heads regarding the cuts...that brings us to August. Time is of the essence because starting in September, the town board will need to be putting together the budget for 2017!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...!

Here's the portion of the meeting discussion regarding becoming a city:


Frank Montecalvo said...

As long as the Village of NYM is not included, I have no problem with the Town of New Hartford becoming a City. For me it would be a good thing: NYM residents would no longer have to contribute to a duplicative Town Library, duplicative Town Court, duplicative Town Government, and the many County Highways in NH will become city streets lowering everyone's county taxes! Go for it, New Hartford!

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Frank, I wouldn't count on New Hartford being a city without the villages being on board. Tyksinski is notorious for blowing smoke; I guarantee there are more cons than pros otherwise there would be a lot of towns incorporating as a city. NYM should be concerned about the state of affairs since the fund that has the worst problems is the one that determines NYM taxes.

Anonymous said...

What becomes of our public services we get now? Would they become too expensive?
Take a look at the city of utica...... Police and Fire now bury the taxpayers with the high costs involved in retirements and ever increasing salaries and benefits. We get a good deal now in the town with what is currently in place and we get excellent services at that i do say. What about the Roads? Village DPW's? etc.

Theres a lot to this. I would hope this isn't some hair brain scheme for the glory of a few.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Anonymous, Haven't you caught on yet? Everything this supervisor does is for the benefit of a few; that's because the many stay home instead of getting involved. Take the comprehensive plan for example. It is tailored for the benefit of a few; the rest of the town residents can go to Hell as far as Tyksinski is concerned. However, he is up for re-election next year and it is the majority that has to vote him back in. Will you be part of that majority?