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Thursday, July 14, 2016

All Hail the Town of New Hartford Exalted One!

If you are wondering who is putting the kibosh on solar energy...look no farther than our "fearless" leader. He made it perfectly clear at last night's town board meeting that it is "no way" and "no how".

Watch him fumble with papers while a town resident is speaking regarding solar energy during the public comment portion of the meeting...Tyksinski's not even listening; he even cut Mr. Reaves off mid-sentence. How rude!

Oh, but Attorney Cully did say that Mr. Reaves could collect signatures of his neighbors and approach the town board for a zone text amendment. Thank you Attorney always have some really great ideas!

I looked it up...a zone text amendment is now $5,000;

Prior to adopting the new zoning laws in 2014, it cost $100.

However, first you have to collect signatures on a petition that you must submit with your $5,000 application fee.

The code used to say:
(2) In accordance with the provisions of § 265 of the Town Law, a protest petition against such amendment has been duly signed by the owners of at least 20% of the land area included in such proposed change or of that immediately adjacent extending 100 feet therefrom or that directly opposite.
Now the code says:
By a petition duly signed and acknowledged from the owners of 50% or more of the acreage in any district or part thereof requesting an amendment, supplement or change in the regulations prescribed for such district or part thereof
That is, of course, unless the town board chooses to present the proposal to the table:
"...upon its own motion"
Then no signatures are necessary and apparently no application fees are necessary either until and unless there is need for planning board review. Starting to get the picture? Too bad Councilman Reynolds did not have the guts to speak up other than to say he is researching it. What a cop-out!

What this new zoning regulation does is "silence" the average town resident who probably does not want to spend $5,000 only to be told NO! It's Tyksinski's way or the highway! Shameful!

But that's not the only thing that is shameful in the Town of New Hartford! Wait for it...wait for it! Soon, my friends...soon!

In the meantime, here is the portion of last night's meeting regarding solar energy:


Anonymous said...

Bully and Cully, what a team.

Austinwalker said...

If I were Mr. Reaves I would pack up my business and move out of town from Middle Settlement Road. He's located in an area lacking residential development.
His panel installation would be offensive to nobody but the Town Supervisor.
Maybe our great leader is receiving donations from the Koch brothers.