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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Schools Plan to Spend at Twice Inflation Rate

According to the Empire Center:
"Fueled by an increase in state aid and higher property taxes, the 669 school districts subject to New York’s property tax levy cap plan to spend 2.8 percent more per student in 2016-17 than they did this year, according to an analysis released today by the Empire Center for Public Policy. Per-pupil tax levies, meanwhile, would increase by an average of 1.3 percent."

How do local school districts rate on their 2016-2017 spending plans?

Click on the picture for a larger pdf view!

To read how other school districts ranked and for more information...Schools Plan to Spend at Twice Inflation Rate


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Our future is our children. The more we focus on them the better. Florida is an option for small minded residents.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Seriously??? Throw more money at it to get the results we want? You must be a school board member!

New Hartford, NY Online said...

By the way, why is it that some people always use adjectives when they disagree? Small-minded indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #1, if Florida is an option for small minded people, why do so many New Yorkers end up there?

We do such a wonderful job educating our children that when they grow up, they leave! Maybe they **are** smarter than us!

If you haven't noticed, there is an exodus south and west and we even measure it every 10 years. Here's Oneida County census numbers ... let's start with the high in 1970 of 273000 people.

1980: 253000
1990: 250000
2000: 235000
2010: 234000

And remember, that's with injecting tens of thousands of refugees into Utica since the 1980s!

We are suffering a population loss that is staggering. Some refugee cultures assimilate faster than others (this is not an anti immigration post), but on the average it takes a decade to get them up and going.

With a declining student population and a declining population of real workers, how is it you think raising school taxes is a viable solution to contain this?

I'm all for putting a roof on the school and such, but let's face the facts: The CSEA and the teachers unions rule this state and that's why people, when their timing is right, are fleeing this liberal tax-bleeding state.

Now your turn.

Anonymous said...

Not on the Board by the way. If this state and education system is so bad why are we ranked well above most other states including Florida where you might as well head. No need to respond as I am done with this blog. Absolute nonsense from a bitter person.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Anonymous #3,

It seems like you are the bitter one using more adjectives just because you don't like something you read.

So sad about your inability to defend your position without assigning adjectives to someone you don't even know. Perhaps it is because you don't have the facts to back up your position? By the way, I didn't write the article; nor did I relate it to any particular school; I just delivered the message.

Rest assured that I won't lose sleep over your departure from reading the blog!

Anonymous said...

If this state and education system is so bad why are we ranked well above most other states including Florida where you might as well head

State is physically lovely. Great landscapes, nice 4 seasons. Make that "upstate."

Laws, policies and liberal NYC politicians have ruined it. Downstate dictates to upstate. That erases the good of living here.

NY education is not "bad" and never said it was. My points are about being taxed to the 9s and then seeing what you paid for (our children's education) leave. They leave because other places are better governed and taxed considerably less. Until that turns around, the exodus will continue. Your idea of taking more from those that are left will only accelerate the departures. (Do you really think Bob Nole is worth > $200 grand a year?)

Bitter? No, disappointed that a place that used to be very good to live has been ruined by a bunch of liberal do-gooders.

Do yourself a favor: Google "freedom in the 50 states" and read. NY is rated #50 out of 50 ! We're the WORST. We're even behind California, and that takes some real stupidity to do worse than them.

But we're educated! And the southern states thank you for that.

Remember, when you invite me to go to Florida, my wallet goes with me.