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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cell Tower on Merritt Place and notes from NHCS board...

The latest Town of New Hartford Planning Board meeting was held on Monday, March 14, 2016.

One of the items on the agenda was a proposal for a cell tower to be located at 144 Merritt Place:
SPECIAL USE PERMIT: Upstate Cellular d/b/a Verizon Wireless. Proposed 125+/- foot telecommunications pole on property owned by Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cardarelli. Location: 144 Merritt Place, New Hartford, New York. Tax Map #328.000-4-5.1; Lot Size: approximately 15.33 Acres; Zoning: Low Density Residential.
The Verizon representative stated that they had looked at other sites, including Myles Elementary School property owned by New Hartford Central School, but the school was not interested in leasing the property to Verizon.

The Planning Board requested that an engineer of the town’s choosing be hired (paid by Verizon) to oversee the project. No action was taken at this time; Verizon will be back to the Planning Board with further information at a later date.

What puzzled me is if you read the New Hartford Central School board minutes of last Spring, it appears that the school did not refuse to lease property to Verizon, but rather Verizon chose to locate their cell tower on Merritt Place instead of on the school property.

Planning Board chairman Elis DeLia asked the Verizon representative to bring information regarding the school’s refusal to the next meeting with the Planning Board. Should be interesting.

Here is the videotape of the meeting:

Speaking of New Hartford Central School...

...on the February 23, 2016 school board agenda was a resolution to amend the contract for Superintendent Robert Nole.

According to the March 15, 2016 board minutes, the contract was approved (copy of the unsigned contract amendment [two (2) pages]):
F. Amendment to Agreement

Mrs. King moved and Mrs. Coombs seconded that the Amendment to the Employment Agreement between the Board of Education of the New Hartford Central School District and Superintendent Robert Nole be approved.

Mr. Piotrowski requested a Roll Call Vote and prior to the vote he made the following statement:
"Mr. Note has always acted professionally, accomplished what was asked of him and led our district to many achievements. He has also maintained New Hartford's academic success as well as its state and national recognition.

However, it is my personal opinion that the BOE in negotiating with Mr. Nole was not progressive but rather regressive. Also, in my opinion, the final compensation agreement is lacking in certain areas."

Mrs. Philipson and Mr. Stephens share these sentiments.

Now, having said that and to demonstrate leadership and promote unity on the Board I will very, very reluctantly vote yes to the amendment."

Mrs. Coombs: Aye

Mr. Flemma: Aye

Mr. Flemma added the following statement:

"The negotiations were done in good faith and represent a 2% increase in salary and a 2% stipend which is above and beyond the cost of living. It is also consistent with a good evaluation and a good job by Mr. Nole."

Mr. Jadhon: Aye

Mrs. King: Aye

Mr. Stephens: Aye

Mr. Piotrowski: Aye

Ayes 6, nays 0, motion carried.

Also of interest...

...on the March 15, 2016 school board agenda was a resolution for a $12,650,000 referendum on a proposed capital project to be voted on at the Mary 17th budget vote.

Here is a pdf [four (4) pages] of the resolution on the proposed capital project.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. Nole. He can barely make his Mercedes payments.

You wouldn't want him to give up the heated seats, would you? Good God, what are you, barbarians?

A far cry from Lansing Street, eh, Bob? It must be the high cost of your haircuts that precipitated this latest round of adulation from the school board.

At least Bradley had a doctorate. A real one, I might add. Not one of these phony 1 day a week class degrees.