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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NH Planning Board...

The New Hartford Planning Board held a meeting on Monday, April 14, 2014 to discuss several applications to include:
Special Use Permit/Site Plan Review by Upstate Cellular Network dba Verizon Wireless fora proposed telecommunication facility and associated equipment on property at 511 Higby Road, New Hartford, owned by Charles T. Sitrin Health Care, Inc. Tax Map #340.000­2­21.1; Total Lot Size: 121.98 Acres; Zoning: Planned Development Institutional.....On hold, pending review of documents submitted by an independent engineer of the town’s choice & paid for by Verizon.
Mr. Kevin Copeland and Mr. Richard Tehan, 8096 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford, New York. Site Plan Review of proposed tool sheds and sales. Zoning: Planned Highway Business; Tax Map #328.000­2­14; Total Acreage approximately 6 acres.....Approved
SAES Smart Materials, 4355 Middle Settlement Road, New Hartford, New York. Amendment to Final/Preliminary & Final Site Plan Review. Addition of a 400 sf extension onto their existing building. Zoning: Manufacturing. Tax Map #328.000­2­37; Total acreage of site: 14 Acres.....Approved
Mr. Allen Miller, 83 Clinton Road, New Hartford, New York. Preliminary & Final Site Plan Review for a proposed motorcycle repair shop at 83 Clinton Road. Property owned by Ms. Nancy Jaquish. Zoning: RB4 Neighborhood Business; Tax Map #328.015­2­36; Lot Size: .13 Acres......Approved
Mr. Frank Cristiano, 3900 Oneida Street, New Hartford, New York. Amendment to Final for a proposed physical therapy operation in the newly renovated building at 3900 Oneida Street. Zoning: Retail Business 2; Tax Map #339.016­1­48.1; Lot Size: 1.612 Acres.....Approved
Mr. George Koury, 31 Clinton Road, New Hartford. Recommendation to Town Board to rezone his property from Medium Density Residential to High Density Residential. Proposed use is for 4 apartment complexes each comprising of 6 units. Tax Map #328.016­4­62; Lot Size: 6.5 Acres....Planning Board is recommending that the Zone Amendment not be approved by the town board.

A little history of the Koury property at 31 Clinton Road...

In July 2009, Mr. Koury appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals requesting a Use Variance for a retail food and grocery business. The variance was denied.

In 2013, Mr. Koury had plans to develop a pet cemetery, but those plans never got off the ground.

At the February 12, 2014 town board meeting, Mr. Koury's application for a zone amendment was brought before the town board. Under New Hartford Town Code, the town board had to send the application to the Planning Board for a recommendation.

Now that the Planning Board is recommending that the town board not approve the zone amendment, it will require a majority plus one vote which is at least four members of the Town Board in favor for the zone amendment to be adopted.

The next step is for the town board to schedule a public hearing at which time the vote could be taken by the town board. More than likely a date for the public hearing will be set by the town board at the next town board meeting which is April 23, 2014.

The video of the entire Planning Board meeting is available below. Movies of all town meetings (Planning, Zoning, Town Board and Library) can be viewed and/or downloaded on our YouTube Channel at CCHOG.



Anonymous said...

Mr Koury lives in Georgia although he used to live in New Hartford.

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Yes, it was mentioned at the Planning Board meeting that Mr. Koury now lives in Georgia; however, he still currently owns the property at 31 Clinton Road.