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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shhh!! Village of NH Public Hearing, but we can’t tell you the specifics…

...because the Village claims they don't have any paperwork for the public to review at this time!!

In the legal notices of the January 21, 2014 Observer Dispatch:
NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE is hereby given that the Village of New Hartford will hold a public hearing on February 10, 2014 at 7pm at Butler Memorial Hall, 48 Genesee St., New Hartford to discuss changing the zoning at 27-35 Campion Road from M-1 (Manufacturing) to P-D (Planned Development) for the following parcels: Parcel #329.014-1-37 and parcel #329.014-1-38 from M-1 to P-D. Parcel #329.014-2-21 from B-1 (Business) to P-D Persons wishing to appear at the public hearing may do so in person or by other representative. Communication in writing may be filed with the Village before or at the public hearing.

For further information please call 732-1147.

Janet M. Durr Village Clerk OD: 1/21/2014
According to the Town of New Hartford Assessment database, 27-35 Campion Road, tax map #329.014-1-38, is owned by Talkeetna, LLC (Madden Construction) and tax map #329.014-2-21, 19 Campion Road, is owned by JMLV, LLC. The town was planning to buy 19 Campion Road during the Earle Reed administration, but the Wick's Law got in the way.

We visited the Village offices in Butler Hall on Thursday, January 30, 2014 to try to get information regarding this project so we could post prior to the Public Hearing scheduled for February 10, 2014.

Janet Durr, Village Clerk, was obviously nervous as she tried to convince us that that she had no paperwork regarding this project. She said that she was not in the office when this all came about.

We informed Ms. Durr that according to Village codes, there are specific procedures to follow for the Planned Development zoning application process. She continued to give excuse after excuse; she even asked Village Treasurer Earl Cunningham if he knew anything. He also said he was unaware of any project.

Janet Durr nervously rambled on and on...something about the village has been trying to get something on these properties for some time now. Nothing is concrete; in the early planning stages.

Why would you have a public hearing if you are only in the early planning stages.

As we returned home from visiting the Village offices, our phone was ringing. It was Janet Durr who said that the Mayor would be sending us the information he has on the project, but it wouldn't be that day because he is a businessman. No problem, we can wait a day or two.

We received the information from the Mayor the next day…two pdf files or should we say two pdf documents; each comprised of one (1) page.

One is a conceptual drawing of the site. The properties involved are the Madden Construction Site and the parcel next to it...the building where the insurance company is now located.

The site drawing is captioned:
“Campion Commons” Multi-family Concept


For Buck Construction 06 November 2013©
There is a note on the left-hand side of the document that says:
NOTES: Base mapping based on drawing entitled "Renovations of Concrete Facility for Carparelli Brothers" by C. Lewis Tomaselli. Architects. "Site Plan" Sheet EC-1, doted November 29, 1999, project number 9911.
You can view the actual pdf document here.

The second document that Mayor Ryan sent to us was a conceptual drawing of what the project might look like. You can view that drawing here.

We were stunned to only get those two documents when the Village of New Hartford Village code is so specific about what needs to be made available to the Village Board in order to change zoning to a Planned Development.

What is more disturbing is that the Village is holding a public hearing on the proposal, but apparently refuses to release any further information other than these two documents which are conceptual only!

We have to ask why? Why would the Village of New Hartford hold a public hearing for a zoning change and withhold information from the public?

The lack of information opens the Village up to a whole lot of speculation...

Buck Construction is the developer of the Village Point Apartments. Does the Village's unwillingness to give the public information relate in any way to the PILOT for those apartments? We don’t know.

According to our research, the PILOT (HUD) may be just about over. We believe that when the mortgage is paid in full, HUD no longer subsidizes the rental payments. Town Board minutes of April 7, 1982 and October 20, 1982 state that the term of that PILOT was until the mortgage was paid in full, but no more than 40 years. The agreement was adopted by the Town Board with Resolution 311 of 1982 on October 20, 1982. We found three (3) newspaper articles dated between April 10, 1982 and April 18, 1983 regarding the Village Point Apartments.

Also, if you recall, Buck Construction wanted to remodel Massoud’s on Oneida Street last Spring for what they said were “high-end” apartments. The Town Zoning Board turned down their request for a use variance on that project.

Whether or not there is any connection between the Village Point Apartments; the Buck Construction use variance request for Oneida Street that was turned down by the Town ZBA; and this Village Public Hearing is anyone’s guess. We simply do not have any concrete information.

Sadly, at this point...the public hearing required by Village codes has been set, but "mum's the word" unless Mayor Ryan decides to answer our email asking for further information!

We sent Mayor Ryan an email on Thursday, January 30, 2014 asking for further information; to date there has been no response. Hopefully, he will provide us with more information to clear up any misconceptions that might exist. If we hear anything further from the Mayor, we will post on our blog.

Meanwhile, according to today’s Observer Dispatch, there is a Village of New Hartford Planning Board meeting in Butler Hall starting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. We do not know if this project will be discussed.

If you are interested in this project, either for or against, plan to attend the Planning Board meeting on February 4th and don’t forget the Public Hearing on the project to be held on Monday, February 10, 2014 starting at 7 p.m. in Butler Hall. Hopefully, the Village will decide to be more forthcoming prior or at these meetings.

One last thing, we downloaded the Village of New Hartford Code Book and ran it through our software to provide everyone with a completely searchable document.

Looking for information on Village of New Hartford Codes? The searchable Village of New Hartford Codes can be downloaded here!


Anonymous said...

to bad you are getting the Town of New Hartford and the Village of New Hartford mixed up, they are seperate entities

New Hartford, NY Online said...


Really? What part did we mix up? Please elaborate!

New Hartford, NY Online said...


If you are talking about the fact that we refer to town board minutes regarding the Village Point Apartments, that's because the town board adopted Resolution 125 of 1982 agreeing to the PILOT between the Village of New Hartford and the Village Point Realty Associates.

We are well aware of the difference between the village and the town.