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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Town Supervisor, your statements seem to be a little disingenuous…

We have been taking a little rest from blogging during the busy Christmas season, but we just had to blog about the Observer Dispatch article regarding tonight’s Public Hearing to adopt a local law giving Highway Superintendent Rick Sherman a pay raise for 2014.

According to the article Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski said:
That position hasn’t realized a raise in I can’t tell you how long,” said town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski. “We thought it was time that we just made up the difference.”
Oh, come on Supervisor Tyksinski, if you really felt that way why didn’t you just give Rick Sherman the raise during the normal budget process? Clearly, Mr. Sherman included a request for a pay raise in his 2014 Budget Worksheets.

As we are sure you know Supervisor Tyksinski, Mr. Sherman became the Highway Superintendent in October 2008 after Roger Cleveland retired. At that time, the town board set his salary at $60,000.

Since 2008 other elected officials (Town Clerk, Tax Collector, and Judges) have each received 3% pay raises every year except 2010 and 2011. Yet, Rick Sherman’s salary is still $60,000 according to the 2014 Adopted Town Budget.

However, shortly after the elected officials’ salaries were posted in the legal notice for the 2014 Preliminary Budget, you now claim that it is time to make up the difference to Mr. Sherman?  That means that by town law, the only way Mr. Sherman can receive a raise for 2014 is adoption of a local law which incidentally only gives him the raise for 2014 unless you also include it in the 2015 budget.   

Please, Supervisor Tyksinski, cut the b/s!    You know very well that Mr. Sherman has never received a pay raise since he became Highway Superintendent even when other elected officials did and you had the opportunity to include Mr. Sherman’s pay increase as part of the normal budget process along with the raises you included for other officials, but you didn’t.

Perhaps you wouldn't mind telling the taxpayers in New Hartford the real reason you neglected to give Mr. Sherman a raise in the 2014 Tentative budget also known as the Supervisor's budget?  Just what happened between the adoption of the Preliminary Budget and the 2014 Adopted Budget other than your re-election?

Incidentally, while we are taking a little down time right now, we are still attending and videotaping town meetings. You can watch the videos on our YouTube Channel.


Anonymous said...

Based on my calculations, this man’s annual salary is pretty close to $150,000. This is absurd! Why not give the bus driver’s position to a town resident who needs a job and could certainly use the extra money. Mr. Sherman should resign as bus driver and too, as Village Trustee.

Anonymous said...

Really makes no difference. Just another slap in the face to the rest of the highway workers who have not had a contract in 4 years. Like everyone should get a 11% raise. Saying he is behind in pay is absurd. Raises should be based on merit. Have any of the department heads ever had an annual review. Are goals set for the year. Show the value of an 11% raise. Make the person account for daily work. This was a deal set in stone anyway. Hold a public hearing. listen to a few people and approve anyway.
Drives a bus on his lunch hour? Come on lol. What time is lunch? It really is not the money. Its the manipulation and pay back for the political support. Hope they do the same for the real highway employees.

Anonymous said...

Just another slap in the face to the rest of the highway workers who have not had a contract in 4 years

There is nobody more desirous of a contract with raises than the town board. They could have a contract tomorrow if they agreed to pay 15% of the cost of healthcare, which everybody else on the town payroll now pays.

Sadly, the idea of not giving up a cent has a cost, and that cost is that until there is an agreement on the healthcare, there will be no raises either.

I feel sorry for the retiree that has had a flat 4-year run (no raises) but refused to concede a small portion of the ever-rising cost of health insurance. What you have done, fellas is to take the most you can now but cost yourselves some REAL money at retirement time. Even your Union Rep told you the 15% was a coming standard, but you want it all- both ways and you can't have it both ways.

Wait until you have to start paying tax via Obamacare on your healthcare benefits, maybe then you'll be in better mood to ante up 15%.... and shop around for a better-fitting package.

Again, you can have a contract almost immediately. You know what you have to do.

Until then, looks like you have the same Supervisor for 4 more years, and I'm not thinking he's changed his mind on the 15%. It's fair, it's SOP in both union and non-union shops and maybe you ought to think about trading off some chump change now for a bigger retirement check later.

Anonymous said...

That would seem fair. I pay 20%. However it was administered over the contract years. Not one lump sum. Some people live just pay day to pay day. Some have certain committed payments. I would think that a structured plan would work for all. Don't know if the Town has one plan or a choice of plans. HMO or PPO was offered where I am. However that went away in favor of the PPO for all. Maybe would be less if all were on the same plan. Just my 2 cnts