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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Should we try to discredit him at every opportunity?"

“A sure sign of ineptitude and malice is manifested when one's attacker is willing to cover himself with mud in order to try and make some of it adhere to his target.” ― Christopher Hitchens

The Free Dictionary defines smear campaign (against someone) as:
  • a campaign aimed at damaging someone's reputation by making accusations and spreading rumors.
The headline in the Observer Dispatch reads...Second New Hartford Library trustee resigns. The point of the story is that two (2) long-time members of the library have resigned and cited Trustee Wiatr as one of the reasons for their resignation.

The Observer Dispatch received a copy of the resignation letters because Library Board President and Attorney Linda Romano Petralia felt it necessary to cc OD reporter Sara Tracey on emails sent to the library trustees informing them of the resignations with copies of the resignation letters attached to the emails. Not very professional on Attorney Romano-Petralia's part.

Actually, the information in the article is inaccurate; four (4) trustees have resigned and blamed Mr. Wiatr for their resignation. More than likely, the last two wrote their resignation letters based on the recommendation of Attorney Romano-Petralia just as two previous resigning trustees.

Among the FOILed emails, Email Page 451 of 817 to be exact, it is revealed in an email dated January 13, 2012 from Attorney Linda Romano Petralia to the two trustees who resigned previously:
"Hi lisa and Sue-

To the extent you feel comfortable blaming your resignations on the "controversy" please send me an email detailing. Would seriously appreciate.

Thanks- Linda"
Click on image to view in larger print!

Hmmm...January 13, 2012? Wasn't that just about the time you conspired with Supervisor Tyksinski to try to remove Mr. Wiatr as a library trustee based on a supposed Ethics violation? How did that work out for you Attorney Romano-Petralia?

Then a few months later, Connie Stephens [one of the trustees who recently resigned and blamed Mr. Wiatr] writes to Linda Romano:

In a message dated 4/28/2012 4:41 :01 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
"Yes, you are probably right, Linda. Not sure what we can do about it. Should we try to discredit him at every opportunity? Publicly? Have to think about it some more. Connie"
Should we try to discredit him at every opportunity?? Ms. Stephens, certainly you can't be so naive as to believe that Mr. Wiatr is being discredited by your childish letter of resignation. People can see right through the b/s. Lest you forget, had the school district library vote succeeded, Mr. Wiatr would still be a library trustee, while you were voted "off the island" by the taxpayers in the New Hartford Central School District!

Most people knew that Earl Cunningham was eventually going to resign...he had been telling people that for months. One FOILed email dated December 18, 2012, that Mr. Cunningham sent to Board President Linda Romano Petralia, states he is retiring because:
"This is long overdue and with some regrets due to my long association with the Library. However, my personal situation at home demands it."
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No mention of Mr. Wiatr...Mr. Cunningham merely says his situation at home demands it!

Malarkey, Mr. Cunningham...Mr. Wiatr is not the problem. The problem is a group of people who think they can get away with whatever they want...that was until Mr. Wiatr was unanimously appointed to the library board of trustees by the town board.

Since Board President and Attorney Linda Romano Petralia made Mr. Cunningham's diatribe about Mr. Wiatr public by sharing with the Observer Dispatch, we will likewise be sharing Mr. Cunningham's diatribe in our next blog. We will also be sharing facts that prove why Mr. Cunningham's assertions are hogwash!

Mr. Wiatr, keep up the good work. Obviously, there are many secrets that need to be exposed for they are fighting too hard to keep you from getting information!

Stay tuned everyone...

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Anonymous said...

Why does NH put up with this nonsense? Why? Why?