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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Like HELL the New Hartford Public Library was built with private funds!

On June 13, 2013, Earl Cunningham sent a letter of resignation to Library Board President Linda Romano Petralia. Below is his resignation letter:

Click on the image to view Mr. Cunningham's letter in larger print!

In particular, take note of the part of Mr. Cunningham's letter that we have highlighted in yellow: of a privately funded $4,000,000 library facility...

As a Town of New Hartford taxpayer for over forty (40) years, this writer takes offense at your assertion that this library has been privately funded. It was supposed to be; that's what the taxpayers were told in the 1990s after the defeat of the bond issue to build the library.

Mr. Cunningham, do you really want to try to convince Town of New Hartford taxpayers that the $4,000,000 (?) New Hartford Public Library over the years has been privately funded?

Isn't it a fact that most of the land that the library sits on was bought with a member item from Senator William Sears and only 1 acre was donated?

Isn't it a fact that if one looks through copies of town board minutes from the 1990s and early 2000s, they would find out that many town employee hours were paid for by taxpayer dollars to assist the library in the planning of the library and clearing of the land?

Mr. Cunningham, would you not agree that since 1983 the taxpayers in the Town of New Hartford have been providing over 80% of the funds necessary to keep this $4,000,000 library open and in additon the town, at taxpayer expense, has been providing in-kind services?

Mr. Cunningham are you going to deny that there have been thousands of dollars in grants given in support of the building of this library from governments to include the New Hartford Village, Oneida County and New York State; i.e., public dollars that were used to either build or repair the New Hartford Public Library building?

Lastly, Mr. Cunningham, are you going to deny that the library is still applying for, and receiving, state funds to supposedly repair parts of the library building that were not properly constructed in the first place?

How dare you say that the New Hartford Public Library was built with private funds! Just because it is run like a privately-funded organization doesn't make it one!

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