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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

that's what they say!

Shortly after the rechartering vote for the New Hartford Library failed, one of the library employees who has a very lucrative part-time position in the library, decided to create a blog with a name very similar to this blog.

Difference is, this employee fills his blog with misinformation and derogatory statements against those he feels are standing in the way of the library becoming a million dollar project. Not once has he posted an actual document to back up his accusations and at this point he is seemingly refusing to post comments sent to his blog in opposition to his opinions.

For this employee blogger to be ranting and raving without all the facts merely proves that the New Hartford Public Library is in distress; not only at the board level, but internally.

This blogger's obvious spewing of hatred is more than likely over what he sees as a threat to his $24,000+ a year part-time job in the library...his rants are unproductive, uncalled for and unethical. This writer certainly has a right to free speech, but what is he accomplishing by dissing everyone while providing nothing to substantiate his claims?

The problems in the New Hartford Public Library are very real; many are still left to be disclosed to the public. Some of the problems are already being addressed and "cleaned-up" internally before the audit takes place.

The town has retained D'Arcangelo & Co. to audit the library books beginning sometime in February according to Earl Cunningham at the last library board meeting.

Once completed, the audit will be made available and should provide some insight as to what needs to happen to get the library back on track.

Just to show that we have no 'hard feelings' toward this library employee turned blogger for trying to mimic our blog, we are going to give him his fifteen (15) minutes of fame; here's a link to his blog.

Don't library employees have a Code of Ethics to sign? Given the events of January 2012, we can't help but wonder if Ms. Romano will request Supervisor Tyksinski to take action and then proceed to publicly discuss discipline of this individual for his "unethical" behavior!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cathy this is long but I would like to post a rebutal to Mr Roy Senns' Blog.

My Response to the so called "facts" of found on the “New Hartford on the Internet”
Mr Roy Senn, the library employee who published this blog has posted a series of so called facts. Below are my responses to him as a New Hartford Taxpayer.

"Fact 1: THERE IS NO $100,000 SURPLUS!! It is $100,000 in the bank at the end of the year. No institution has 0 dollars on the books on December 31."

Response: I find it strange after crying poverty last year while asking for $1,000,000 from New Hartford's over burdened taxpayers that $100,000 just shows up. A $100,000 that was not budgeted for and show up at the end og the year is a surplus. What this does show is that you never needed $1,000,000 in the first place. In fact, didn't Linda Romano admit that $1,000,000 was more than the library needed in an email to a fellow Library Trustee?

"Fact 2: If you want to write an informed editorial, you need to talk to someone in addition to Mr. Wiatr. You also need to talk to other board members and especially employees. You need to visit the library. You need to do some research."

Response: Visit the Library? Perhaps Don Backmaan, Ed Waitr and the OD are afraid of being the subject to another one of Library Director Hans Plembeck's secret videos. I know my family and I are worried about my privacy being violated by Hans. If he has secretly videoed Mr Waitr in the library, it is very possible he may have videoed other library patrons

"Fact 4: The Library does not have a professional accountant but would love to hire one if the Town would be willing to fund it. As things are now, the same employees who serve at the circulation desk do the bookkeeping when time allows."

Response: No professional accountant? Why not use some of that $100,000 you just found

"Fact 5: The Library's books have never been closed to anyone at any time. The OD is welcome to come and look at the library's books. Mr. Wiatr has boxes of material supplied by the library. He is frustrated because they are not in an easily accessible, digitized form and the library wants him to pay for all the copying involved."

Response: If the library has "books opened to everyone" then why does Ed Waitr have "boxes of materials" to sort and sift through? So where is the library's financial information: in some books or some boxes?

"Fact 6: It is not the library's fault that Backman and Wiatr are in the dark. It is their fault. Neither of them has had any real, long-term association with the library. They do not use or visit the library, or talk with employees. Somehow Wiatr's "due diligence required (in) preparing spreadsheets" (OD,12/20/12) was not sufficient to reveal that there was $100,000 in the bank."

Response: Earl Cunninghams's scribbled notes is not proper record keeping. Perhaps if Earl kept financial records in a "book" instead of some "boxes" Ed would have found the surplus.

"Fact 7: Two years ago, the library was perfectly fine and near number one in visits and circulation among the libraries of the Midyork system. This all happened without the advice of Wiatr, Backman or Tyksinski. The negative story about Library's financial woes is one mainly promoted by Mr. Wiatr and propagated by the OD without evidence. The only real problem the Library has is continuing to provide high quality service for the public with a much-reduced budget. If they are allowed to proceed without the ongoing abuse by outsiders, they will find away.

Response: So the financial problems are Mr Waitr's fault? The bottom line is you want a boatload of taxpayer money with no public oversight. Not going to happen!