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Saturday, December 8, 2012

We're flattered...

In pages 199-200 of 466 of the FOILed emails, Library Trustee and past Vice President of the Library Board, Richard Evans, (who also works for Ms. Romano's father) sent Ms. Romano an email and included a copy of a blog we wrote last May titled A Gentlemen's Agreement..."

The blog that apparently upset Mr. Evans was regarding the $50,000 of the town's sales tax money that was given to the library by resolution passed in May 2012. At that town board meeting, Councilman David Reynolds said the reason for the "gift" was that they had a "gentlemen's agreement" with Earl Cunningham.

Mr. Evans writes in his email:
LER (that is Linda Romano we presume, since that is who the email was addressed to)

Mr. Evans email was referring to Trustee Wiatr, the only library trustee that has the "balls" to speak up for the residents and taxpayers.

We are definitely flattered that our blog is so powerful that Mr. Evans feels the need to pass it around and even use all caps in his message to Ms. Romano which means he is shouting.

There is one little problem though, Mr. Evans. You see, Mr. Wiatr does not write this blog so you and the other library trustees should be careful with your accusations.

By the way, Mr. Evans, was there something in our blog that bothered you? Did we in some way misrepresent the facts? Did not the town give the library $50,000 of sales tax money that could have, and should have, been used to cover some of the debts of the town? Could you point to the part of the NYS sales tax law that allows a town to give $50,000 of sales tax revenue to the library?

...Or was it the reference to the library rechartering vote that got your knickers in a bunch? Did we say something that we shouldn't have?

Was it a matter of TMI...too much information, Mr. Evans? Seems to us that some of the library trustees killed the vote with secrecy and greed without the help of anyone...don't you think, Mr. Evans?

Here is page 199-200 of the 466 from the first batch of FOILed emails. Note the five (5) "players" that Ms. Romano forwarded Mr. Evans email to...why didn't she send it to the other four (4) trustees (Wiatr, Klein, Cortright and Kelly)?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am getting sick and tired of reading all this "crapola"...some one has to take the bull by the horns and get this evil bunch out of commission. This Board has more to do then to manage the library. One man cannot do it alone. The Town Board really ought to get tough and quit playing games with the library board. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!