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Thursday, December 20, 2012

That was a mighty fine guest editorial...

in today's Observer Dispatch, N.H. Public Library budget needs further review, Mr. Wiatr!

We believe that taxpayers expect nothing less of the people appointed by the town board to serve on the library board.   No one can argue the benefits of the library, however, it would appear that this library board is more interested in self-interests instead of the interest of the community.

The Handbook for Library Trustees, found on the NYS Education Dept. website, states:
"To rely on donations for critical operational expenses such as salaries, building maintenance and utilities is inviting a crisis for the library."
Crisis perfectly describes the New Hartford Public Library 2013 adopted budget; a budget that was prepared to achieve a result only known to those who put it together outside the purview of the Budget Committee, but certainly with no concern for the needs of the community.

The library board has tried just about everything to get Mr. Wiatr off the board; FOILed emails [we have almost 1,000 pages at this point] tell a story of just how low they are willing to go to achieve their goal of removing Mr. Wiatr. Why? Because Mr. Wiatr speaks the truth? Because Mr. Wiatr cannot sit there silently while tax dollars are frivolously spent and reports required by law are either not filed or do not accurately reflect the library records?

By allowing this situation to fester, the town board is just as culpable. The library will not succeed unless the town board "takes the bull by the horns".  The town board holds the purse strings [our tax dollars]; they need to demand accountability from the Library Board before any taxpayer dollars are turned over. Sitting back and doing nothing [or travelling down the road that was attempted in January 2012] because of town politics is inexcusable! May we remind the town board that Mr. Wiatr was appointed by each and every one of you; that makes the vote unanimous.

If the library fails, the library board and the town board have only themselves to blame.

Thank you Mr. Wiatr for a job well done!

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