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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Observer Dispatch...You have mail...or you will have shortly!

NHPL Board of Trustees held their Dec. meeting at noon today...What a meeting it was!! Order! Order!

By now, probably everyone has seen the Observer Dispatch editorial, Our view: New Hartford library board must try again.

Most of the members of the library board were incensed that the OD Editorial Board would write such an article. They actually decided to send a strongly worded statement to the Observer Dispatch letting them know how they feel. Board President Linda Romano called the editorial:
"a gross lack of due diligence on their part for them to come up with an editorial like that without having the facts".
Probably the "real" sore spot was that the editorial board pretty much agreed with Mr. Wiatr's thoughts on the 2013 library budget. Not only was Mr. Wiatr's budget lower, but Mr. Wiatr also felt that the library did not need to close early on Monday and Tuesday and could once again open on Wednesday.

Although Ms. Romano would never agree with Trustee Wiatr, she did say that the closing was not "official" and the library will not close additional hours until at least after the first of the year. The library trustees are going to take another look at just what days might be best to close and it will be brought before the board for a vote before it becomes "official".

At the beginning of Ms. Romano's diatribe she seemed to imply that Mr. Wiatr had something to do with the opinions stated by the Observer Dispatch. We had to chuckle as we listened to the videotape because it is actually funny if you look back at the FOILed emails.

In an email dated January 5, 2012 [page 343 of 466 of the first batch of FOILed emails], Ms. Romano wrote to Mary DuRoss, Connie Stephens and Earl Cunningham:
"FYI- the Utica OD was all over the Pledge story today. Ed has been pestering them. I spoke with the reporter and sent copy of below. She seemed to "get it". Let's see what they do. Also spoke to Herb Cully. Details to follow."
Pestering the Observer Dispatch? Is that how Mr. Wiatr is able to get the Editorial Board to write an opinion that agrees with his opinion? LOL!

We will have to keep that in mind...Lord knows there are times that we could use a favorable opinion from the Observer Dispatch...we didn't know it was that easy. Pestering...who would have thought? ROFLMAO!

Hmmm...the email also says that Ms. Romano spoke to Herb Cully with "details to follow" according to Ms. Romano. Can't imagine what that could have been about; he doesn't have anything to do with the library...he's the town attorney.

Let's think...last January...that involved both the town and the library...Ms. Romano consulted with Town Attorney Cully? Could the answer be in the January 11, 2012 town board minutes...just saying!

Here is page 343 of 466 FOILed emails.

Stay tuned...we will be posting the entire library board meeting late tomorrow. Unbelievable...simply unbelievable!!

NOTE: Sorry for the delay; the video will be online this evening.

In the meantime, here is the portion of the meeting regarding the Observer Dispatch editorial:

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