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Friday, November 23, 2012

Apparently, Mr. Wiatr isn't the only trustee being blackballed...

In an email from Connie Stephens to Mary DuRoss dated August 5, 2010, Connie writes:
Hi Mary:

After last night's meeting I am having second thoughts about Kevin on the ad hoc committee. I do not believe he and I agree on keeping discussed plans/strategy confined to committee talk until we want to report to the board. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying, but the committee should be able to discuss ideas without having someone second guess our ultimate suggestions/recommendations.
The Kevin in this email refers to Kevin Kelly, a long-time member of the library board who at one point years ago was an officer of the library board.

Several board members, led by Board President Attorney Linda Romano, believe that committee meetings should be closed to the public especially if they are called something other than a meeting. We have blogged about this many times, most recently here.

After reading this email, we thought...perhaps our Who's Who chart that we made for our last blog needs adjustment...perhaps it is upside down. Let's see...

For a larger print document, click here!

Yes, this is more like it. We have the bottom-feeders; and next, we have those who for the time being are silent.

Then we have Trustee Edmund J. Wiatr, Jr. at the top; the only trustee that is not beholding to the Romano dynasty. Trustee Wiatr feels that his duty is to the town and the taxpayers of the town, along with the best interests of the library.

The facts are starting to come out. The town board is well aware of what is wrong, but they, along with several members of the library board, have been silent thus far.

Well, as you can see in our "new" chart, the water is slowly rising. How many more emails will we have to release before some of these trustees get their head out of their a$$ and do what is right?

We know that some of the trustees read this blog...they have even referred to our blog in their emails [they think it belongs to Trustee Wiatr and blame him for hurting the library...LOL]. According to their emails they even watch our videos to see what they said at their meetings.

Time to sink or swim Trustees of the New Hartford Public Library. Stand up with Trustee Wiatr and say "The emperor has no clothes..." or more than likely you can plan on going down with the ship.

Here is the email regarding Kevin 100 of 466!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

RE: I agree. Today Earl refused to sign a check to Ellen from the library's operating funds. I will speak to Sue Fountain. Ifthey will not agree to accept the bill the only other solution I can think of is to set up a special account and collect dollars to pay for her services."

What is this all about? Is the Ellen they are referring to the attorney from Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna, Attorney-at-law from Albany, New York?

Setting up a special account is it not? How can so few people (trustees) have so much control over large amounts of monies?

What and why did Earl "refuse" to sign a check for monies to be taken from the library's operating account.

I do believe there is a bigger story here than town residents know?

I am of the opinion this is the same issue Trustee Wiatr was discussing during several library board meetings? Was he not? However, there appears to be a much deeper secret here?