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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Library Vote...shutting out the taxpayers, AGAIN...

"The plan should go back to the drawing board and return when supporters can and will give the public all the details of all the costs involved with the projects as well as details of how much is likely to be available in grants and how much will be solicited from town residents."

"Residents also need to know what they are getting into."

"Offering a vague plan and assuming an antagonistic stance to logical questions from people who want to know where their money will go is a recipe for disaster. It is a shame this approach was taken in so noble a cause as a library."

"The librarians believe a public vote is unnecessary because they took a survey a while back and, they say, support was overwhelming." 
Here's a link to the blog we did about their recent survey that Board President Linda Romano told board trustees was a scientific survey. Funny thing...they admitted at the Monday information meeting that the survey results were comprised of about 170 library patrons...most of whom do not even live in New Hartford!

"More informational meetings are absolutely essential. Library supporters must get the message out to everyone, not just those who use and support the library. They need to build their case on facts, not on emotion and personal attacks on opponents."

"Bad tactics mar good idea in New Hartford library plan."

"It is a shame that the public is being brought into the process now..."

"But there are still questions that deserve answers before the community can fully support a plan that has been kept under wraps."

"Town residents deserve a complete cost breakdown of where the money they will be asked to pay in taxes--and donate--is going to go."

Recent statements...heck no!  These statements were from editorials in the Observer Dispatch in 1994; back when the library trustees wanted the taxpayers to fund the "new" library building.

The outcome of that vote?  It was narrowly defeated much to the chagrin of the trustees who all resigned in the wake of the vote, although many of them said the vote had nothing to do with their resignation.

Now, years later, nothing has changed. Oh, for sure, some of the trustees are no longer there, but the elitist attitude remains. The majority of the library trustees are trying to shove this tax down the taxpayers' throats.

The Observer Dispatch Editorial Board opinion column in today's paper, Library proposal comes down to your vote at the polls, regarding the current library vote to be held tomorrow in the library from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., is spot on. "If you want your voice to be heard, you need to speak up."

Today's Observer Dispatch Editorial also contains a link to their August 10, 2012 editorial, New Hartford should reject library proposal.

Besides the rechartering and budget vote, the ballot will contain fourteen (14) trustee candidates listed in the following order:

1. Edmund J. Wiatr, Jr.
2. Earl R. Cunningham
3. James F. Kirkpatrick
4. Kevin M. Kelly
5. Mary E. DuRoss
6. Richard W. Evans
7. John A. Klein
8. Karen Madden
9. Janice A. Forte
10. Connie P. Stephens
11. Barbara Brooks Goodman
12. Leslie Cortright
13. Linda E. Romano
14. Edward R. Flemma

You will be asked to vote for seven (7) of the fourteen (14) candidates; however, you do not have to vote for seven. Only two candidates, Edward J. Wiatr, Jr. (#1) and Edward R. Flemma (#14) have publicly spoken out against this outrageous million dollar library proposal.

You have the option to only vote for the person(s) whose views you support, be it one (1), two (2) or up to seven(7) candidates.

If you oppose the million dollar budget, make sure to take the time to vote at the library tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Please get out to vote tomorrow and let your voice be heard!


Anonymous said...

How are they checking voter eligibility? This is a very poor place to hold such an important vote. Access in and out will be a nightmare. Creative planning? Maybe

New Hartford, NY Online said...

The school is in charge of the vote...the school also paid all costs of this special election.

Perhaps, it was planned to be a very poor place to hold such an important vote? Hopefully, no one will get discouraged and leave without voting.