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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zoning text amendment requested by Mr. Adler...

Larry Adler and Cameron Group, LLC., developer of the New Hartford Business Park, has asked the town board to consider a zoning text amendment for the area around the business park that is now zoned Planned Development Park District.

According to New Hartford Town Codes:
PDP Planned Development Park District.

Planned Development Park District is intended to provide for a variety of professional office, commercial and light industrial uses. A PDP District has been designated on Woods Road.
Here is a link to the town code regarding Planned Development Districts.

Mr. Adler would like to change the limited uses currently allowed by Section 118.39 (D)(7)(b) of the New Hartford town code.

Currently, that section of the code reads:
(7) Limited uses. The following uses may be allowed in the Planned Development Park District (PDPD):

(b) Retail and services when part of a mixed business use development and provided that such limited use constitutes no more than 20% of the developed floor area of the project. Such limited uses shall be located, arranged and integrated within structures that also house primary uses to serve primarily the service needs of employees and businesses of the Planned Development Park District.
As explained at tonight's town board meeting, this currently would allow retail such as a cafeteria within a building for the employees of that building only and not a stand-alone retail business.

Mr. Adler would like to change the limited uses to allow retail and services in 20% of the total PDPD zone acreage in the Planned Development Park District, thus allowing retail businesses to set up shop in this area.

When asked, no one was able to define exactly what parcels are included in this zone. However, the area does include parcels in the vicinity of the New Hartford Business Park as well as the park itself. Supervisor Tyksinski drew a sketch of the area on the board behind him.

Mr. Adler did not appear at this evening's meeting and there was no discussion as to what plans he has for development, but it obviously has to do with retail development in an area that is already congested.

The procedure for making this zone text change was outlined by Town Attorney Herb Cully; the town has ninety (90) days to act on this according to Attorney Cully. The zone text change has to go before the Planning Board before it comes back to the town board and at the moment no Planning Board meeting has been scheduled for December.

Ninety (90) days would take us into February, plenty of time to act after the first of the year; however, it would appear that this is being "pushed along" for some reason.

The Public Hearing has been tentatively scheduled for December 21, 2011. Here is the video of that portion of tonight's meeting:

There was a lot of tension in the air at this town board meeting...we will be posting more shortly.

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