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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Proposition #1 - To Abolish Receiver of Taxes Office

On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, New Hartford residents will have decisions to make regarding their town government.

On the ballot will be:

Proposition #1 - Shall the office of receiver of taxes and assessments for the town of New Hartford be abolished effective Dec. 31, 2011, with all powers and duties of that office to be transferred t the office of town clerk effective Jan. 1, 2012?
A vote to abolish the Receiver of Taxes will save approximately $50,000 a year. Several other towns in New York State have abolished this office and it has been a very successful transition saving the taxpayers money without disruption of services.

Here is a link to the blog where we posted Supervisor Tyksinski's letter in the Town Crier regarding abolishing the Receiver of Taxes position.

Also on the ballot:

Council, Ward 2 - Ward 2 covers town residents who live in the Village of NYM and those living in what is referred to as the "Hills" - the southern end of New Hartford. If you do not live in Ward 2, this race will not appear on your ballot.

Christine Krupa - the incumbent - Republican, Conservative

Paul Miscione - Democrat, Working Families, Fix Oneida County
Council, Ward 4 - Again, this will only appear on the ballot of those living in that part of town.

Richard Woodland - the incumbent - Democrat, Working Families

John D'Amore - Republican
Tax Receiver
Kathleen Glenn - Republican, Conservative
William M. Virkler - Republican, Conservative

Strikeslip's has an excellent blog regarding the County Executive race and the Utica Mayoral race - Time for Change?

Please take the time to vote...tomorrow, November 8th.


Anonymous said...

Where in Supervisor's proposed 2012 budget does it show a $50,000 savings ?

New Hartford, NY Online said...

There isn't a $50,000 savings for this year...just in case the proposition fails.

However, from the July 13, 2011 town board meeting minutes:

Office of Receiver of Taxes and Assessments Supervisor Tyksinski stated that if the Office of Receiver of Taxes and Assessments is abolished (mandatory referendum) effective December 31, 2011, the Town will continue to use the current software, which would cost about Twelve Thousand Dollars ($12,000). If the Town changes software or waits until after the November 8, 2011 mandatory referendum, the new program will not be ready for the collection of the 2012 Town and County taxes. Whether the Office of Receiver of Taxes and Assessments is abolished or not, the Town Board would eliminate the Deputy Receiver of Taxes and Assessments position and use a “drop/lock” box; further, there will be an on-line option for tax payments. It was the consensus of the Town Board to authorize Chase Bank to move forward on the “drop/lock” box.