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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The New Hartford Public Library Re-chartering Informational Meeting of the Library Board of Trustees is open to the public.

From their website:

The library is an important asset to our community, but direct government funding is dwindling due to the economic times we live sources of monies need to be explored to keep the library running at its current level. That might include becoming a library district with library taxes being collected at the same time as school taxes, or perhaps there are other options.

Residents and taxpayers need to be involved in decisions that will impact how taxes are levied to fund our library and we are pleased that the Library Board of Trustees has decided to make this important meeting open to the public as required by the Open Meetings Law.

While we understand that noon is a difficult time for most residents to attend a meeting, we would encourage your attendance on November 7th if at all possible. We are also hopeful that future meetings on this important topic will be scheduled in the evening at a time that most working people can plan to attend.

Don't just sit at home and complain after the your support for our library by being a part of the solution.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you hadn't got on their case we would still be in the DARK!!! thank You!