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Friday, November 25, 2011

"I don't see any harm in rezoning...

to have 20 percent retail,” he said. “To some extent, it does make sense.”

That's a quote from Supervisor Tyksinski in an article in today's Observer Dispatch regarding Larry Adler's request to re-zone the business park to allow for retail.

Let's start by clearing up a possible misconception.

It IS NOT 20% of the business park that Adler wants the town to rezone to allow retail...

It IS 20% of the acreage owned by an individual property owner or developer in the vicinity of and including the business other words, every parcel that currently is in the district [which is comprised of not only the business park, but other parcels as well]; and, every parcel in the future that might be created by splitting a parcel in the Planned Development Park District into several parcels.

According to papers submitted by Larry Adler, he wants the language changed to:
Retail and services when such limited use occupies no more than 20% of the PDPD [Planned Development Park District zoning] acreage owned, controlled or developed by the Applicant.
With that language one would have to believe that Larry Adler can sell off parcels he owns, like he did with The Hartford parcel, and each separate parcel COULD then be developed with 20% retail.

If this is true, that means there COULD be a lot of retail in that area and not just 20% of the 100+ acres in the business park as one might be led to believe if not given all the facts.

There are several parcels included in the area to be re-zoned including residential properties not owned by Larry Adler.

Below is a reduced size jpg of the area that would be included [click on map to view a slightly larger version. Click here to see a full-size jpg.]:

The area highlighted in yellow is a map of the Planned Development Park District and is the area involved in Mr. Adler's proposed rezoning request.

After last week's town board meeting, we visited the town clerk's office to view the papers that were submitted by Larry Adler; we FOILed a copy of the documents. Those documents can be viewed here.

According to the Short Environmental Assessment Form filled out by Mr. Adler, question #9...What is the present land use in vicinity of project...Mr. Adler answers "commercial". Perhaps he might want to review the tax map because there is a lot of residential property owners who might have something to say about allowing retail businesses in their front and backyard.

Supervisor Tyksinski...this only makes sense if the people who will be most affected and the general public thinks it does...the business park zone code must have been written with limited use for retail [allowing only retail such as a cafeteria for only the workers in a building] for a reason. This smells of the tail wagging the dog!

The first step is for the request to go before the Planning Board and then on to the town board if approved by the Planning Board.

With Tyksinski obviously voting in favor, the town board would need two more votes to allow the change to the current zoning.

Backman has stated he is not in favor; Woodland is the Councilman for that will they vote when they finally get to the table?

Krupa will be gone after December 31, she may or may not have a vote depending on when the Public Hearing is finally set and when the vote is will she vote and how would her replacement, Paul Miscione, vote?

Then there's Councilman Reynolds who pushed for the business park creation during the previous administration. How will he vote?

Will they vote for the desires of Larry Adler or will they take in consideration the wishes of the people who reside in that area should they be against this change?

If you would like a say in this matter, be sure to attend the Public Hearing that is tentatively set for December 21, 2011. We will keep you updated as to the dates and times of meetings regarding Mr. Adler's request.

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