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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OCIDA and PILOTs for New Hartford...

According to the legal notices in the August 23, 2011 Observer Dispatch, Oneida County Industrial Development is holding a Public Hearing on Thursday, September 8, 2011 in Butler Hall at 9:00 a.m. regarding a PILOT for Affordable Senior Housing Opportunities of New York, Inc. who proposes to construct a three-story building comprised of approximately 126 one- and two-bedroom independent living units at 4752 - 4756 Middle Settlement Road, Town of New Hartford, Oneida County, New York for the purpose of providing affordable independent senior housing.

Affordable Senior Housing only asks that Oneida County Industrial Development provide: assistance in the form of issuance of a lease term of approximately (5) years;

...exemptions from mortgage recording tax and;

...abatement of real property taxes for a period of (5) years.
According to the notice the benefits of this PILOT represents a deviation from the Issuer's [OCIDA] Uniform Tax Exemption Policy.

A representative of OCIDA will be on hand at the Public Hearing to "hear and accept written comments from all persons with views in favor of or opposed to either the proposed financial assistance to the Company or the location or nature of the Facility."

This is the same property, you may recall, that the Zoning Board of Appeals turned down the request for a zoning variance. At that time, numerous residents in the Middlesettlement Road area attended the ZBA meeting to speak out against the project.

However, shortly after the ZBA turned the application down, the town board voted to amend the zoning to allow the building of a senior housing complex.

At the last town board meeting on August 14, 2011 Supervisor Tyksinski was videotaped saying [in reference to the construction of the right-in/right-out and the Clinton Street extension in support of the business park]:

"...New Hartford is the Number One area in Upstate New York that developers are looking to put commercial and retail into!"

Hooray for us...[sarcasm intended]

Here is a copy of the Legal Notice for the Public Hearing on the PILOT for the senior housing complex on Middlesettlement Road as it appeared in the August 23, 2011 Observer Dispatch.

By the way, OCIDA held a Special Board meeting on August 12, 2011 to consider a final authorizing resolution for several include two (2) more in New Hartford....Burrstone Energy Center, LLC and New Hartford Office Group [Hampton Inn - NH Business Park].

The August 14th town board meeting was over 3 hours long...we will be dissecting the videotape and bringing you the highlights over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Where were you?

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Thank you.

Enjoying a much needed vacation...

Anonymous said...

Where is the follow up of this post looking forward to see what you discovered

New Hartford, NY Online said...


There is not much to tell. The Public Hearings were held at 9 a.m., as usual, when most people are working. They are merely a formality anyway.

The PILOTS will probably be finalized at the next OCIDA meeting on Sept. 16, 2011 and the taxes will be abated.