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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where's the outrage?

We have to laugh, although it's not really very funny...

Don't take away my curbside trash program, but silence on the town bonding for millions so that a private developer can build his business park.

According to Supervisor Tyksinski and some council members, people have been writing, calling and stopping them on the street to voice their opposition to the curtailing of the curbside trash program due to financial problems created during the Earle Reed administration.

Hell, we've even heard some people at town board meetings speaking out and letting their elected representatives know how they feel about the loss of curbside trash pick-up. To quieten the masses on this issue, the town has now developed a tag system for those who desire curbside trash pickup.

But where is the outrage at the spending of tax dollars to finance Mr. Adler's business park...not only town tax dollars, but school and county too. Where is everyone on an issue that will impact them until 2023 and possibly beyond?

Most people in town we have spoken to don't even seem to know the story behind the PILOT Allocation Agreement that will be in effect until 2023. Or the moving of the Empire Zone boundary so that property taxes paid by The Hartford and other future tenants in the business park can be recovered through the state program for up to ten (10) years making them whole on property taxes while taxpayers are left funding the infrastructure costs associated with increased development.

Now for the second time, our elected officials are willing to bond to cover the cost of Mr. Adler's private development even trying to convince us of 'future benefits' to the town and at the same time telling us that no independent audit of town finances is available and hasn't been since 2008.

Remember in 2009 when we were all told 'Vote YES' and taxes will not increase. How did that work out for everyone when they got the 46% increase? What do you think caused the increase...where do you think the money was spent?

Have we become so apathetic that we only care about our own 'wants and needs' at any given point in time?

Imagine if some of that outrage on the curtailing of the curbside trash program were to spill over to the eminent domain issue at hand. Imagine if our elected officials were sent a clear message that we don't want to continue to fund a private developer.

It is pretty sad when our elected officials do the bidding of a private developer to invoke eminent domain against a long-time town resident and business owner. What will be next, will Mr. Adler NEED some more property on Woods Highway? Will he NEED some property on Seneca Turnpike?

We only hope that people will attend the Public Hearing in Butler Hall on August 11th at 6:00 p.m. and stand up in support of the Yagers and in support of requiring private developers to put their OWN PRIVATE money on the table to fund their private projects.

By the way, the council members representing the areas in closest proximity to Mr. Adler's development are up for re-election this year and they each have an opponent. Perhaps residents in Ward 2 & 4 should begin by questioning them on where they stand on the eminent domain/taxpayer bonding for private development issue.
Ward 2 - Christine Krupa Phone 315-733-7500, Ext. 2332
Ward 4 - Rich Woodland Phone 315-733-7500, Ext. 2332
Everyone, YOU have the power!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the OD was as diligent as the CC is in covering NH then maybe there would be more interest. On the other hand, it only takes ONE town councilman speaking out to the OD against this stuff to garner attention. Don Backman anyone??