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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pork Lawsuit...

From Tea Party Coalition of the United States

In a State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division decision dated June 24, 2010 that will send shockwaves throughout New York State, the Third Department Appellate Division revived a citizens’ lawsuit that seeks to outlaw billions of dollars in cash grants to private firms for alleged “economic development.”

Download decision.

The Court agreed with the plaintiffs’ main contention that the State may not funnel its funds through public benefit corporations such as Empire State Development Corporation as a means to avoid the Constitution’s ban on gifts to private firms.

The case now goes to the New York State Court of Appeals. Should the plaintiffs win the case, the current practice of giving billions of dollars of tax money to private firms, many of which then kick back campaign donations to politicians, will abruptly end. The briefs were filed on February 26, 2011.

James Ostrowski, a solo practitioner and tea party activist from Buffalo, New York, is counsel for the plaintiffs. Ostrowski said his group will now file a class action suit against every municipality in the state that provides cash grants to private firms under a similar but separate clause in the state constitution.

We wrote to Jim Ostrowski this evening and he replied to our email:
"The Court of Appeals is hearing the State's appeal on October 12th in Albany. We are having a large rally on that date.

Please see the webpage.

Hope to see you there."


For more information on this important court case, put 'Pork Lawsuit' in Google.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Ostrowski, I want to thank you for your many unselfish efforts in attempting to bring change to the way politicians do business, especially, when violation our New York State Constitution.

May God Bless You for your untiring efforts in trying to bring fiscal and legal sanity back to our wonderful State.

MadSpartan said...

I have followed Jim Ostrowski's writing for several years. He's a brilliant lawyer, author and libertarian scholar. I wish him much success in his efforts to rid New York State of the corrupt practice of crony capitalism under the guise of economic development. Hasta la vista Mohawk Valley EDGE!

Anonymous said...

The town will have to act quickly to do the dirty deed before the court ruling comes down.

Anonymous said...

After raising school taxes 46 per cent last year, how nice to raise them again this year the 2 per cent that they are allowed to raise them. Is this going to be a yearly thing??? If so, where will it all end????? We ought to put in a whole new board, including the supervisor. We need a real leader. These folks r all in bed with each other and carry too much baggage with them. Looks like New Hartford Schools r not tightening their belts at all.....its just spend, spend, spend as usual!!!

New Hartford, NY Online said...

Actually it was the town that raised taxes 46%.

However, we have said many times that until taxpayers start to attend meetings, speak up to voice their opinions and vote at election time, nothing will change except the tax rate which will continue to go up.