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Friday, May 20, 2011

Stormwater damage...

was the topic of discussion at tonight's meeting held at the Donovan Community Center in Chadwicks.

Residents turned out en masse to voice their frustrations over stormwater damages suffered in recent storms; they wanted answers from officials in attendance tonight as to what plans are in the offing to help alleviate their persistent stormwater problems.

Town Supervisor Patrick Tyksinski presided over the meeting. Also on hand were Don Backman, Ward 1 Councilman whose constituents suffered considerable damage; Elisbetta DeGironimo, Town Stormwater Coordinator; Brian Sanders, newly appointed town stormwater consultant; Richard Sherman, Highway Superintendent; Matt Bohn, Town Deputy Superintendent; and Town Attorney Herb Cully.

Noticeably absent was Ward 2 Councilwoman Christine Krupa whose constituents in the South Hills area sustained considerable stormwater damage.

County Legislators Brian Miller, Jim D'Onofrio and Fred Sadallah were also there to share some information regarding the County's part in the clean-up and also talk about their conversations with FEMA representatives who recently toured the damaged areas of town.

Concerned Citizens videotaped the meeting; it is quite lengthy, but well worth the watch particularly if you were affected by the recent storms but were unable to attend tonight's meeting.


Anonymous said...

I heard one of your Concerned Citizens mention something about filing for a property tax assessment reduction and filing a Notice of Claim?

Can someone help me?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


Edmund J. Wiatr, Jr. spoke to several residents at last evening's meeting. You can contact him by email.

Anonymous said...

I watched your video and in my review it was organized mayhem. Just listening to one trying to out talk or shout because of the lack of meeting control was just poor. However the poorest was to begin with. Who in their wisdom scheduled a town meeting in that decrepit train station. With a crowd estimated at over 100 people was no place for a meeting that size. Where was the occupancy police when that building filled up. People had to look through the doors and windows. With the construction going on with the bridge and parking for about 10 cars it was just ludicrous. Why not meet in a controlled atmosphere such as the firehouse. Right off the get go people were cranky. Use your heads make the people comfortable, serve some coffee, make them welcome. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The firehouse in chadwicks is privately owned.

Anonymous said...

The Town of New Hartford Police was there, however, they were not interested in occupancy violations, they were parked in the driveway adjacent to the bridge giving tickets out to town residents who attended the meeting and were going the wrong way down the one-way street across the bridge, back towards Oneida St.

Is this not ironic?

Anonymous said...

1. To anonymous2: It would be naive to think this was poor planning versus intentional planning to limit the public outcry. Having been part of some of CC's projects, I am certain the venue was purposely chosen to limit the dissent.

2. In 2008, the stormwater committee had a couple million dollars to "study" the stormwater problems plaguing the town. To date, only billy's basin's have been constructed and as I pointed out before hand, have only worsened the situation! What about that schumaker report? Why was NOTHING done after spending 1.2 million dollars?!

3. With a 46% tax increase last year, you would think the money was there to resolve these actual issues. Problem is that no one on the friends and families plan is affected by stormwater, so why waste money on that when they can pocket the money on other things that do affect them, like keeping their properties artificially unassessed, or not even on the assessment rolls.