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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Grieving Your Assessment...

The Office of Real Property Services now has a pdf version of the Grievance Form that can be accessed on their website using the link below.

This is a fill-in form...just type in the required information and print out two (2) copies of the completed form; one for the assessor and a copy for your files. Be sure that both copies are timestamped by the Assessor's Office for proof that the form was received on time.

Fill-In Form

The directions for filling out your Grievance is also available on the ORPS website:

Directions for filing complaints

You do not need to meet in person with the Board of Assessment Review; however, you must file a completed Grievance with the Assessor's Office in order to continue on to Small Claims or a Certiorari.

Remember...your grievance must be received in the Assessor's Office no later than the day the board of assessment review meets to hear complaints which this year is Tuesday, May 24th.


Anonymous said...

It is simple, really...

You are not on the friends and family plan. Start greasing some palms and your tax rates will go down too.

Anonymous said...

You are about to enter the twilight zone when you begin the process .Prepre yourself for an experience unlike anything that is sane or rational.