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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Mexican Standoff...

After the March 23, 2011 town board meeting, we wrote a blog and presented the video where the town board adopted a resolution regarding the 2008 Shumaker invoices that are still outstanding. In fact that was one of several blogs on the subject.

A resolution was adopted on March 23, 2011 that was supposed to put the issue to bed once and for all. If you remember, Supervisor Tyksinski reluctantly changed his 'nay' vote on the resolution to an 'aye' at the last minute.

Basically, the resolution stated that Supervisor Tyksinski and Town Attorney Cully would review town records to determine the actual dollars spent out of the $2.3 million bond for the Business Park.

If the all the bond money for the New Hartford Business Park hadn't been exhausted, the town would use the bond money to pay the Shumaker invoices.

On the other hand, if all the $2.3 million was already spent, Larry Adler would be sent a letter by Attorney Cully requesting payment with a possible lawsuit to follow if the monies owed the town were not paid.

Not difficult, Town Board minutes and memos clearly reflect that former Budget Officer Heather Mowat addressed the previous town board several times in 2009 and stated that the $2.3 million was spent and additional monies [about $200,000] were owed the town by Larry Adler. Ms. Mowat's reasoning was that taxpayers should not pay Mr. Basile, Attorney Green and bond counsel for work they did exclusively for the New Hartford Business Park; that is an expense that should be paid by the bond or Larry Adler, the developer.

Fast forward to this Wednesday's meeting, April 13, 2011. Once again the subject of the still unpaid 2008 Shumaker invoice was brought to the table by Supervisor Tyksinski.

This time, in response to the March resolution, Supervisor Tyksinski presented the board with his theory that the $2.3 million bond had not been completely spent; well, that is if you take out the invoices for Frank Basile, Attorney Green and bond counsel. The very same expenses that Heather Mowat told the town board should not be paid by taxpayers.

Discussion ensued and Councilman Backman pointed out that the town would have incurred none of those expenses if not for the New Hartford Business Park PILOT. However, for some reason, Supervisor Tyksinski doesn't believe that Ms. Mowat's opinion is valid; he seems to believe that taxpayers should be responsible for these costs.

It's really quite funny...Supervisor Tyksinski keeps reminding everyone that he is a CPA, but then again so is Ms. Mowat. However, Supervisor Tyksinski is supposed to be watching out for the taxpayers, but it appears that he is not!

Watch the video for yourself and notice Supervisor Tyksinski's body language...listen to Councilwoman Krupa and Councilman Reynolds who seemingly have no clue as to what went on during Earle Reed's administration. Friends, this is the problem we face because everything was done behind closed doors.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, it would appear that Supervisor Tyksinski is going to do everything in his power to make sure that Mr. Adler pays nothing. We hope we are wrong.

We just have to ask again, who is Supervisor Tyksinski working for anyway?

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