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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Breaking news...

[picture courtesy of Elsie, member of the New Hartford Chapter of Bovine International]

New Hartford
- We have just received word that Supervisor Tyksinski apparently raised the ire of some of New Hartford's finest bovines by recent comments made to an Observer Dispatch reporter.

In an Observer Dispatch article last week, What's the future for southern New Hartford?, Tyksinski was quoted as saying:
“I’m not here to say that we’ve got to blacktop the entire town of New Hartford and put in shopping centers and homes,”
“On the other hand, is it crucial that the town of New Hartford has farms? Not to the town of New Hartford.”
Apparently shortly after the article appeared, a bovine sit-in was staged closing Genesee Street in New Hartford to traffic for hours. Supervisor Tyksinski, who was at a loss for words, gazed out of the window of Butler Hall in total disbelief. It was 'udder' chaos for hours as Elsie and her friends showed their support for agriculture in New Hartford.

Reportedly, several of the protesters were interviewed but their only response was "Moo-oo".

In hopes that the Supervisor was merely misquoted in the Observer Dispatch, Brymer Humphreys, a long-time member of New Hartford's agricultural community, attended last evening's town board meeting to ask Supervisor Tyksinski for clarification regarding his statement that seemed to downplay the importance of agriculture in New Hartford.

Supervisor Tyksinski didn't recall making the statement to the reporter, but several members of the town board and audience concurred with Mr. Humphreys that the statement as reported did seem to imply that agriculture was unimportant to New Hartford. Tyksinski categorically denied that he made any statement to the reporter that could possibly be offensive to the agricultural community in New Hartford and pressed the reporter, who was in attendance at the board meeting, for answers.

Normally, we might tend to believe that someone could have been misquoted in the Observer Dispatch; it sometimes happens, but Tyksinski has a track record of opening his mouth and inserting his foot. It does seem a little far-fetched to believe that the above statement was concocted by the Observer Dispatch reporter particularly since Supervisor Tyksinski seems to have no problem with the taking [eminent domain] of agricultural property from the Yagers on behalf of Larry Adler, a private developer.

Come on Supervisor...we think you need to apologize to a whole segment of the population in New Hartford who have lived here with their families, farmed their land and paid taxes for years. Man up and do the right thing! Own your wisecrack and apologize!

Obviously, the sit-in didn't really is our way of pointing out to Supervisor Tyksinski that he needs to learn to keep his wisecrack comments to himself and being Town Supervisor is not just about serving the needs of his developer friends.

Here is that portion of the April 13, 2011 New Hartford Town Board Meeting:


Elsie's daughter said...

I read the newspaper article and Supervisor Tyksinski did say exactly what Mr. Humphrey told the audience.

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys, is this all you got?

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you listen to Mr. Tyksinki he will often let it slip out what he really thinks. When he raised the idea of New Hartford being a City, he's in favor of it. when he lets it slip that he doesn't want to pave over New Hartford, he would do so in a heart beat if the right developer came along. Mr T's vision for NH: A city, with commercial development along 840 and Seneca Turnpike. In the south of the town (City), dense “Affordable” housing where farms used to stand.