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Friday, February 25, 2011

Filling in the "cracks"...

A few days ago we blogged about the Shumaker invoice, unpaid since 2008, that seemed to have slipped into the stack of bills that were awaiting town board approval for payment at the February 9, 2011 town board meeting.

In that blog we reported:
Councilman Backman questioned whether or not the voucher/invoices for work on Woods Highway should be paid by taxpayers or Larry Adler. It was Councilman Backman's belief, after reviewing signed agreements between the town and Larry Adler, that Mr. Adler is responsible for all "incidentals".
In the end, the invoice was not approved for payment at the February 9, 2011 town board meeting, but instead was handed over to Town Attorney Herb Cully to figure out who should pay.

Well, the topic was once again on the table for last Wednesday's [February 23, 2011] town board meeting. Town Attorney Cully reported on his findings and presented a resolution that was approved at a May 13, 2008 town board meeting.

According to Attorney Cully, the resolution and town board minutes were rather vague as to the intentions of the board. No kidding! That is exactly why we started videotaping...we noticed a long time ago that the minutes don't seem to always reflect what actually happened. There's nothing like an actual recording of events...if nothing else, it makes it a little more difficult for anyone to "pull the wool over someone's eyes".

We just happen to have the video of the May 13, 2008 town board meeting referenced by Town Attorney is the portion of that meeting where the discussion lead to the adoption of Resolution No. 128 of 2008 that was referred to by Town Attorney Cully:

That's former Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland talking and he answered "yes" when then Town Supervisor Earle Reed asked, not once, but twice, whether the money is to be paid out of the PILOT as an expense of the business park. Dave Reynolds, Christine Krupa and Rich Woodland, you were all there...what did you think you were voting on when you adopted that resolution? Sounds to us like the contract was in furtherance of the New Hartford Business Park project and was intended to be paid from the $2.3 million bond.

The agreements signed by Larry Adler obligated him to make good on all cost overruns...due to poor budgeting there were cost overruns and the fact that there were insufficient monies from the bond associated with the PILOT is a problem for Larry Adler; NOT town residents!

Which brings us to our next story...

In 2009, when Heather Mowat was hired as Budget Officer to find the missing $2.8 million, she identified several invoices that were paid by town monies that she felt should be paid by the developer. They totalled about $188,000...or more. At the last town board meeting, the question was asked by Councilman Woodland as to whether or not Larry Adler had ever paid back the town for those expenses. The answer from Town Attorney Herb Cully was "No" further stating that he believes that they [Mr. Adler et al] are disputing the charges."

Supervisor Tyksinski, unable to control his frustration and appearing to let his personal feelings regarding Ms. Mowat show in his voice and body language, stated that it was merely numbers put together by the Budget Director...a "wish list".

Personal feelings aside Supervisor Tyksinski, Ms. Mowat is well qualified to make those determinations and she spent a lot of time talking to town employees and sifting through documents. Publicly calling her work a "wish list" is uncalled for no matter what differences you may have with her.

Our question is to Supervisor Tyksinski...At this point, town taxpayers have paid for expenses from a private developer that, according to signed documents, are really the responsiblity of that private developer; that private developer feels no obligation to make good on the agreement he signed with the town; however, for some reason you seem to be defending his failure to keep his side of the bargain and, to top it all off, shortly you plan to introduce another bond resolution to finance another portion of that same private developer's business park. What are you thinking? Who are you working residents or "friends" who make political contributions?

Here is the portion of the February 23, 2011 town board meeting regarding the 2008 unpaid Shumaker invoice, and the failure of Mr. Adler to pay the money that is owed to town taxpayers.

For those that are interested, here is Ms. Mowat at the December 9, 2009 town board meeting discussing the monies she feels are due from Mr. Adler to the town taxpayers:


Anonymous said...


I guess our town supervisor has to pay off his political friends with town monies or services???

Anonymous said...

why did they have to go out of town for the new audit? Isn't there any Tax paying C.P.A firms in the town of New Hartford? Why to hell do they employ people here and pay taxes to the Town? OH well S.O.S

Anonymous said...

Now that Earl is gone... we can get down to real change..No more political favors and back door deals..ha..ha...ha

Anonymous said...

We will only see real change when enough people have had enough of the b/s and decide to do something about it.

Until then...status quo.

Anonymous said...

Another mess with Roger Clevland's name on it. And to think he's involved with a project worth 100's of millions of dollars??? This guy shouldn't be allowed in Oneida County let alone New Hartford!

Fact of the matter is everyone's squabbling over chump change while three current board members sat and did nothing while Town Funds were pillaged to the tune of millions of dollars.

Sucks to be Tyksinski having to clean up after his predecessor and to keep this project moving forward(now that it's there). Bottom line with our Supervisor, my taxes went down with no noticeable cut in services... did yours? Look at the BIG picture people.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Anonymous said: Bottom line with our Supervisor, my taxes went down with no noticeable cut in services... did yours? Look at the BIG picture people.

We are looking at the big just don't have all the facts...YET!

Anonymous said...

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

We are looking at the big just don't have all the facts...YET!

OK, I'm waiting. But let's face it, every politician from the President on down takes care of their own. No smoking gun there.

Anonymous said...

What kind of IDIOT actually believes their taxes went down in midst of a 46% tax INCREASE?! A policy holder of the friends and family plan?

I'm just curious because everyone else's taxes increased!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Anonymous said: What kind of IDIOT actually believes their taxes went down in midst of a 46% tax INCREASE?!

Somebody who is not really looking at the BIG picture!

Anonymous said...

So Morris or the other clown would of reduced taxes further? I don't think so but then again I'm an IDIOT. Right?

It took 4 years of fiscal mismanagement to get into this mess and it'll most likely take a lot longer to reverse the damage done by the previous Board. Only a short sighted name calling SIMPLETON wouldn't be able to understand that concept. And "Friends and family plan", what's this Utica Topix? Shame on you New Hartford Online!

I was with you all the way, for years Ed and Kathy, not so much anymore. BTW I'm still waiting ... better make it good!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


Obviously you don't like it if someone disagrees with you.

All our commenters are free to voice their opinions as long as they keep it clean.

Not sure what you are waiting for from us or why you feel we better make it good.

Anonymous said...

Because of this post ...

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

We are looking at the big just don't have all the facts...YET!

You insinuate NH Online is sitting on information I don't know about ... "YET". Well, I'm waiting.

Like I said, I have been with your cause and appreciate your efforts in the past but blowing smoke for the sake of clouding the air tends to affect credibility in my book. And to condone (quote) childish name calling isn't very professional or becoming to your cause. I can accept when someone disagrees with me, just do it with a little class next time.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


Given the amount of time that we spend researching things, you are darn right, we are sitting on facts. The same facts that any other person could be sitting on if they took the time; but no one seems to have the time to be bothered. They wait for us and then criticize us when they think we aren't telling them everything in one blog.

Blowing smoke, we don't think so.

Funny, it seems like only yesterday that people we accusing us of blowing smoke during the Earle Reed administration. Perhaps if people listened to us sooner and actually did something instead of criticizing us, the town wouldn't be in the mess that it is now.

And if you take offense at comments made by our readers and commenters on this blog, please understand, we are not going to monitor the comments made on this blog unless they are defamatory or down right offensive. Our view is that everyone is entitled to an opinion. This blog is a forum for people to read the facts and make comments. How would you have felt if we either didn't post your comment or edited it?

Comparing us to Topix is quite a stretch. Shame on you for trying to 'shoot the messenger'!

Anonymous said...

You clearly have no facts! Taxes went UP, not down. Only an idiot would be stupid enough to think otherwise!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Anonymous said: Taxes went UP, not down.

We think that the other Anonymous commenter is saying that taxes went down from what they were when they went up in 2009.

However, wait until the bond issue comes to light and we see how much needs to be bonded because it wasn't in the budget. Things like the IMA with Rome, done without bidding [against town law]. The town desperately needs a new server, but there is no money so they do an IMA with Rome for one year. Then what...will it be part of the bond? Pat has already said that there is a bond on the horizon.

Anyone can make it LOOK like there is money...Earle did it for four years and he was no CPA!