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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Almost slipped through the cracks...

Vouchers were piled on the table waiting for Supervisor Tyksinski to present them to the town board for approval at the February 9, 2011 Town Board meeting.

Everyone seemed to be in agreement on the vouchers to be paid...except for one for Shumaker Engineering in regards to the Business Park.

Councilman Backman questioned whether or not the voucher/invoices for work on Woods Highway should be paid by taxpayers or Larry Adler. It was Councilman Backman's belief, after reviewing signed agreements between the town and Larry Adler, that Mr. Adler is responsible for all "incidentals".

An interesting conversation ensued. Apparently, Roger Cleveland, without town board approval, hired Shumaker to do some engineering work on Woods Highway. Wow...Shumaker Engineering and no board approval...we're shocked!

It was obvious that Supervisor Tyksinski was annoyed with the discussion. However, in the end, the voucher was held back for further review.

Here is the video of that portion of the meeting (less than 5 minutes long):

The invoice was actually from 2008; there was no explanation as to why it had yet to be paid, but that voucher should have never been presented for payment using town funds in the first place; who was Supervisor Tyksinski trying to fool? It was probably one of the expenditures brought to the board by Heather Mowat in 2009 and already determined to be the responsibility of Mr. Adler.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the town supervisor is seems to be in over his head, he is as deceitful as the previous holder of position of supervisor.