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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Utica's Master Plan...hidden agendas?

Last evening Frank Montecalvo, who chaired the master plan’s Infrastructure and Development Committee, was invited by Mrs. Arcuri to speak at the Utica Democratic Caucus in regards to the proposed Master Plan for the City of Utica.

Mr. Montecalvo, who is well-qualified to give an opinion on the subject, wanted to share his thoughts on the parts of the Master Plan he feels need to be given further thought. Topics addressed by Mr. Montecalvo include The “Living Document” Problem; “Intrusive Government Control”; Failure to Recognize Sprawl and Its Causes as a Major Economic Development Problem and Failure to recognize that Utica’s population base carries the region.

Concerned Citizens videotaped his presentation which was approximately 15 minutes long:

We are providing a pdf version that Mr. Montecalvo shared with us. He makes some valid points that are well worth taking the time to read and pass on to others that might be interested.

As reported in the Observer Dispatch, Council to hear from committees on master plan not everyone was open to listening to Mr. Montecalvo.

Councilman Zecca certainly took the opportunity to publicly voice his opinion; he made it quite obvious that he preferred that no one heard what Mr. Montecalvo had to say. He wanted Mr. Montecalvo's concerns addressed "in committee"...meaning that he didn't want it done during an open meeting where people could be in attendance to hear what was said and some of those in attendance could videotape and rebroadcast Mr. Montecalvo's comments:

Then there was Tim Trent, another member of the Utica Master Plan Steering Committee, who was also mentioned in the Observer Dispatch article:
Timothy Trent, who served on the master plan Steering Committee, said Montecalvo, who doesn’t live in the city, does not speak for everyone.
Mr. Trent was visably disturbed by Mr. Montecalvo's comments. At one point during the meeting, he walked over to us and demanded to know where Mr. Montecalvo resides. He stated "he doesn't live in Utica...he has no business getting involved."

Is this the same Tim Trent that is a Communication Specialist at Community Planning and Environmental Associates located in rural Schoharie County? This company worked with the Village of Whitesboro to update their Comprehensive Plan in 2004. Mr. Trent doesn't live in Whitesboro so what is his point in worrying about where Mr. Montecalvo lives?

We looked up the list of names of people involved with the Utica Master Plan Steering Committee...a lot of names look very familiar as not being residents of Utica. What is the real reason for Mr. Trent's behavior?

What makes this more amusing...if that is the term to be that Councilman Zecca and Tim Trent were instrumental in bringing Robert Freeman, Executive Director of the Committee on Open Government, to Utica last November. Guess open government means different things to different people!

One last thing...Mr. Trent...when you next decide to be obnoxious and get in someone's face, best NOT to do it when the person is videotaping, the camera picks up everything that is said:

We will be sharing a videotape of the rest of the Caucus meeting next.


Anonymous said...

Tim has served on the board of directors of Gro-West Neighborhood Improvement Association???

Is this the same Gro-West that is under investigation by the City of Utica and FBI?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is yet another example of the disdain for dissent so prevalent in this area.

Anonymous said...

I see that JK Hage was on the steering committee .First he is placed on the committee then he gets a sweethart deal from the city and finally he sticks it to the city and even has the b---s to charge interest on the the deal.Some people have all the "luck".

Anonymous said...

Congrats again Cathy and Ed on beating the OD in getting this story out!

Anonymous said...

We thank the people behind this site for this information.

Please, expand your work into Utica.

By the way, Brian Thomas, Director of Planning for the city, last we know, does not live in Utica.

Mr. Trent, how could he be the point person for the city in this matter under your thought process?

Anonymous said...

I hope newhartford online will be there to get the other presentation that will debunk the concerns raised?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Anonymous said...
I hope newhartford online will be there to get the other presentation that will debunk the concerns raised?

Open government my friend!

We will be there for ALL presentations...taxpayers can decide for themselves.