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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The bandaid approach...

The Observer Dispatch is once again reporting on the DRAFT Comptroller's Report.

Today's paper reports that the General fund [supported by taxes also collected from the town residents who live in the Village of New York Mills] is owed roughly $1 million for money transferred from the General Fund to cover police overruns. The problem is that taxes are only supposed to be collected from the tax base that receives the benefit. New York Mills has their own police department.

Over the course of the Reed administration we blogged about year-end transfers many times. However, for there to be $1 million of misappropriation of funds there had to be other transfers that never came before the board for approval. [another no-no]

The editorial in today's Observer Dispatch, Our view: New Hartford needs sound fiscal manager, suggests that it might be prudent for the town to hire a financial manager. Not to is on the way.

Just posted on the town website...

Here is a pdf of the job description with larger print.

Part-time Director of Finance who is experienced with municipal accounting; has an Accounting or Finance degree [preferably a licensed CPA]; for an annual salary of $10,400 [probably about all we can afford to pay right now].

Problem solved...that should definitely fix New Hartford's financial problems...Ohhh yeahhh!


The Observer Dispatch just posted their "First In Print" article, Audit: Some NY Mills taxpayers paid for 2 police departments.

According to the article regarding the repayment to the General Fund:

Board member Christine Krupa said that could occur through using sales tax revenue and curbing police costs through contract negotiations currently taking place with members of the police union.
Could you explain to us how that sales tax revenue repayment thing works Councilwoman Krupa?


Anonymous said...

If only a $10,000 part-time job could save us....PIE IN THE SKY---LOL

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the million dollar deficit in the police fund was to cover the losses associated with the under-charged private security arrangements with Sangertown and the Marquee. Remember, rayray was only charging a pittance of the actual cost to his friends. He had to cover those costs somewhere. And people are surprised he resigned and the police commission was disbanded?!

Anonymous said...

Lets see how aggressive the NHPD gets on the traveling public now that they need replace the deficit.