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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Town Board Meeting tonight...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 starting at 7:00 p.m. in Butler Hall. Agenda now online!

Under Public Presentations is Walker Planning & Design (Sloan Zone Map Amendment). This Zone Map Amendment request is for additional property to be re-zoned from Manufacturing to RB-1 along with the Jay-K Lumber request that was presented at the last town board meeting.

Here is the video of the presentation by Walker Planning & Design at the November 24th meeting:

The map below shows the Jay-K property to be re-zoned shaded in pink. The area in white is the property owned by the Sloans [former Cabinet location] that will be the subject of tonight's presentation to the town board.

The property outlined in green is currently owned by Lucky Boy Group, Inc. According to the NYS Division of Corporations, the address of the corporation is 8111 Halsey Road, Whitesboro, NY 13492 and Stephen R. Sloan is the Chief Executive Officer. This property covers approximately 12 acres is not part of the Sloan zone map request at this time.

Click Here for a pdf version of the map.

In 2006, Shumaker Engineering was paid by the town to prepare the Greenbelt Study, a wetland mitigation/creation area adjacent to Mud Creek between Preswick Glen and Jay-K Lumber.

As Strikeslip points out on his blog, Wasting Wetlands in New Hartford? "New Hartford needs to protect its wetlands in order to protect its residents. Any decision allowing development in this area must evaluate the impacts to the wetlands and to people down stream."

Click here for a pdf version showing the Freshwater Wetlands and Checkzone area at the intersection of Middlesettlement Road and Seneca Turnpike.

Late afternoon on March 8, 2008 Mud Creek is over the banks on Royal Brook Lane in NYM and will still rise higher before all is said and done. The bottom rung of the playhouse ladder is approximately 8 inches off the ground and the water was just under the rung around 9:30 p.m. that evening.

Then there is the traffic issue that was discussed at the November 1, 2010 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting and reported in the November 3rd Observer Dispatch article, 2 large-scale projects rejected in New Hartford.

Wetlands and traffic congestion...two good reasons to carefully study the impact on the area before making a final decision.

At this point, a public hearing is supposed to be scheduled for January 11, 2011. If you live in this area or are impacted by the flooding of Mud Creek, it might be good to plan to attend tonight's meeting and mark your calendar to attend the January 11, 2011 Public Hearing!


Anonymous said...

It is a waste of ones time to even discuss putting anything between Zebb's and J-Kay!!! Look at the traffic flow there and more and more traffic will come to that road now thaat St.Elizabeth's has put out-patient offices on Middlesettlement Road. This is not a place for an Aldi's or anything else that will increase traffic.
Does anyone know what is going on with Save-Alot???? Do we really need more than one discount grocery store in New Hartford???
There r more inportant issues that the Board should be working on!!!

Anonymous said...

Foolish boy it"s not about need or traffic -----IT'S ABOUT $$$$$$$$$$$.