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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Hartford Public Library Emergency Meeting...

was held tonight...lasted less than ten (10) minutes.

As reported in the Observer Dispatch article, Changes Continue for New Hartford library board, the purpose of the "emergency" meeting was to accept the resignation of William Bonsted; to reappoint Earle Cunningham in Bonsted's place; and then to once again elect Mr. Cunningham treasurer.

Trustee Edmund Wiatr, Jr. spoke in opposition stating many reasons why it might be a good idea to get some new blood on the board as well as appoint someone with a financial background to be treasurer. However, true to form, no one on the board wanted to hear what Mr. Wiatr had to say; particularly the Library Director.

After the meeting, Ms. DuRoss explained to Mr. Wiatr that she agrees with him, but that the change needs to take place gradually over perhaps a six month period.

However, when Ms. DuRoss was asked if Mr. Cunningham wouldn't be willing to "shadow" someone new as the treasurer, Ms. DuRoss said he would be willing. But when the question was asked whether we can expect that someone new would be elected treasurer at the next meeting with Mr. Cunningham working with that person to familiarize them with the library finances...Ms. DuRoss at that point skirted the issue.

Seems funny that there would be a veil of secrecy regarding the New Hartford Public Library finances; they even go as far as to completely ignore FOIL requests from Mr. Wiatr who shouldn't have to resort to FOIL requests to receive information in the first place. Since almost half a million dollars is included in the town budget each year for library operations [paid for with tax dollars] it would stand to reason that residents have a right to know the finances of the library.

It became obvious that the outcome of tonight's meeting was pre-determined particularly since just prior to the start of the meeting, Library President Mary DuRoss had the audacity to openly discuss with Trustees Sheldon Storrier and Connie Stephens the plan to bring forth a motion to first nominate Mr. Cunningham [that was Sheldon Storrier's job] and then Connie Stephens was to make the motion to elect Mr. Cunningham treasurer. Got to love it when a plan comes together...Ms. DuRoss should be proud.

By the way, isn't it unbelievable that we have a first rate library and the trustees have to meet in a cramped space in the Library using a card table? Or is that just part of a "plan" so their backs are to the camera?

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 17, 2010; the day of the next library board meeting which is to be held at noon in Butler Hall. This is the Annual Meeting when the Nominating Committee will present the slate of officers to be voted on by the library trustees. Any guesses as to what names will be put forth?

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