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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Proposed 20% tax decrease...

That's the message the town supervisor delivered at last night's meeting.

Tomorrow's Observer Dispatch, New Hartford taxes may decrease 20%, tells some of the story...but there is more. We will be taking the budget apart piece by piece and reporting some of the details over the next few days.

For a start...we thought we would provide you with a comparison of proposed salaries for elected town officials...

Click here for a pdf version with larger print.

Here is a copy of the 2011 Tentative Budget. This is only a tentative budget and will probably change as the town board reviews and makes changes to the Supervisor's budget.

For comparison, we are also providing a copy of the proposed 2010 Adopted Budget.


Anonymous said...

WHAT THE.... are they thinking about in this town? raises on top of raises, "sweetheart" deals and who knows what else? They ALL must go . Business as usual has to stop.

Anonymous said...

You bet there better be some changes in this budget!!!

No. 1) Why r the town employees NOT paying at least SOME of their health most employees do. Please everybody look at the increase in health insurance and retirement benefits. Actually, employees should be paying something into their pension plan also......THERE SHOULD BE NO FREE LUNCH AT THIS POINT IN TIME!!!!

No. 2) I do not see an item for the bookkeeper.....what r they calling her position??? I do hope there is NOT a raise for her!!! (she has had more than her share of town monies).

3) Don't u think this is a pretty hefty raise for the Town Supervisor??

This is just for starters!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Is Hillary still his girlfriend that he left his wife for? Guess they need the extra $$ to help pay their tax bill.

Seems as though he has slipped into the abyss that every other NH Town Supervisor has been in. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

nice raise for hillary. must be close to retirement -time to boost up that pension.

Anonymous said...

who cares, taxes are going DOWN !!!