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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The budget process...

2009 budget...

2011 budget...

Okay, we blogged about this in the past, overstating sales tax revenue. Isn't that what got the town in trouble in 2009?

While to some degree anticipated revenue is always a guessing game, given the state of the economy, guesses should probably be more on the conservative side.

According to the 2011 Tentative Budget, $4,999,102 of anticipated 2011 sales tax revenue is being budgeted to offset 2011 expenditures.

So we contacted Oneida County to get updated sales tax figures for 2009 and 2010 through the 2nd quarter of the year. Then, we created a spreadsheet using the information we received (Click here for a pdf version with larger print.):

What are they thinking? Actual sales tax revenue hasn't totalled $5,000,000 since 2006; in 2006 the town received $5,005,741.46 in actual sales tax revenue!

We're not finished with the sales tax saga...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

This Town Supervisor is acting like a true REPUBLICIAN!!! This town most certainly needs a General Manager and soon. Someone that knows what they r talking about. U would think it were Christmas the way they r giving the store away. This Town Board better step up to the plate or resign. We need town board members that know what they r talking about and we need them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I KNOW I've heard somebody say that before. (memory search in progress ..... ONE hit: Ah yes, THAT guy)

We need another salaried position in the town to feast off the property tax like we need free colostomy bags for everybody. Even if we had a GM, the town board could and would set the spending and taxation levels. Oh, that's right! That's what they are supposed to do by law.